What are some of the top places to get a engagement ring at and…..?

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Question by Lance Montgomery: What are some of the top places to get a engagement ring at and.....?
I am going to propose to my girlfriend. I don't know when yet but it is going to be sometime in the next year hopefully. I just want to start getting a idea of what, where at, and how much. The rest of my question is, and does it have to be diamond or can it be a different stone? I just don't know if it like has to be or needs to be diamond or what. And if it can be a different stone is it done very often or is it fairly rare that a man proposes with a ring made of something other then diamonds?

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Answer by The Queen
Ebay has some great engagement rings...and also if you have an outlet mall in your city there is usually a few jewelry stores....also see if there is a "jewelers exchange" in your area...and last but not least you can try cash pawn america, they usually have nice engagement rings with lay away plans

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  1. cjsmummy

    traditionally,it is a diamond.however,you need to take into account your girlfriends personal taste – as hard as it is for some people to accept,not EVERY woman wants a diamond!

    start paying attention to her likes and dislikes now – does she like yellow gold?or prefer a silver metal?is she allergic to gold?if so,look at platinum or palladium (the latter is practically identical to the former,just cheaper).she might like the look of a solitaire (a single stone) or maybe she wants a coloured stone surrounded by smaller diamonds.the cut is important too – you cant go wrong with the round brilliant,although the princess cut is becoming more and more popular.sneak a look in her jewellery box and question her friends – look at her lifestyle.if she uses her hands a lot,then a bulky ring wont be practical (and she may not want to wear it at work either).some of my friends have their birthstone instead of a diamond (eg.my birthday is july,so the stone for that month is ruby,which is a gorgeous red stone and i plan on having it in my eternity ring).the birthstone of your girlfriend could be a good alternative to a diamond (although diamond is the birthstone of april):


    as for diamond buying,educate yourself on the 4 Cs:

    http://www.thediamondbuyingguide.com/diamondcut.html – here is a good guide (click through it all,this is just the first page)

    and the cost?don’t bankrupt yourself – if you only have a grand,so be it.you can pick some nice rings up for that price.save the money,don’t get a loan.remember,quality over quantity – it is better to get a smaller,better quality ring than a larger,less quality ring.be realistic as well – if you know that you CANT save up 2 grand a month,then don’t.and anyone who tells you that the rule of thumb is 3 months wage is wrong – from what ive read,that was a media campaign (and a very successful one at that) but it is utterly ridiculous

    if you’re still unsure,then just pop the question without a ring – take her shopping the next day and get her to pick her ring out.shes the one who will,hopefully,be wearing it!just tell the assistant your budget,and they can help – that’s what they’re there for.dont buy on-line unless its from a certified jeweller and a name that you recognise.you really need to go see and feel what you are buying

    good luck and i hope she says yes!

  2. Allie

    where would be a jeweller in your area. how much depends on the metal, stone and quality of that stone.
    diamonds are popular for a couple reasons. 1: they are a white stone, and therefor match perfectly with any outfit she will wear. 2: diamonds are the hardest stone and will stand up to the wear and tear of being worn daily.

  3. simplykimberly56

    tiffinys our zales or pawn shop if u have the right girl it shouldnt matter if the ring is $ 100 or $ 1,500 love doesnt have a pricee

  4. Nox

    It does NOT have to be a diamond, but you may want to be stealthy and see if she would like a different stone, some women are dead set on plain old diamonds. (Personally I want a black diamond, they’re usually lab created or treated, but I love them).

    It’s beginning to be more and more common to not have a diamond, and since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire ring, sapphires have become very popular.

    As for places, Kay, Jared, Zales, Tiffany (if you can afford it, it’s really expensive and usually the same quality as the other places, it just has the name brand so it’s EXTREMELY expensive). Or you can look at local jewelers near you.

    Good luck!

  5. BlueFaith25

    NO, the engagement ring doesn’t have to be a Diamond, but you should probably get an idea of what she may like. If possible pay attention to what she likes. You may be able to enlist the help of a close friend of hers, maybe someone who can casual bring up the idea of getting married and maybe she’ll talk a little bit about her ideal wedding and what she’d like to have as a potential engagement ring. I believe that ideally you’d like to think that you could pick something out and she would love it but if you aren’t sure of her taste you’ll just be taking a guess.

  6. imanw
  7. Perse

    Any stone. Any metal. You want your goal to be quality. The stone should be hard and durable and the metal something that will last, not turn her finger green etc;

    My ring came from moissaniteco.com, their rings are the picture of quality. I’m a very happy customer. Moissanite set in palladium is a great choice for beauty and durability.

  8. Marley Jane

    Top online places would be http://www.whiteflash.com. They have a lot of reviews, good educational site and very friendly in terms of advising you what the best diamond is for you in terms of your budget. They also are the only e-tailer to carry the highest level of inventory in terms of CUT in the entire world.

    Good Luck!

  9. Kim Lopez

    I personally buy all of my jewelry online..and a few of my girlfriends have had a lot of success with buying their engagement rings online..maybe you should try an online site like Tiffany’s or Zoara.

    Also, it doesn’t have to be a diamond, my enaggeemnt ring is sapphire and emerald and I absolutely love it!!! But still if you have your heart set on diamonds maybe the link below will help you find a nice affordable ring..

  10. Sarah

    Congratulations! Proposing is such a wonderful occasion in your life.

    The best place to buy an engagement ring nowadays is online, and the best place online is http://adiamor.com . They have an incredible selection of diamonds and settings, all extremely high quality, at amazing prices.

    While you can get a different stone, a diamond is traditional and most women prefer them. They are also so affordable online there is no reason not to.

    Start with some information about engagement rings and diamonds here and then go from there:



    Good luck!