What are some unity/marriage tattoo ideas?

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Question by ktkruko44: What are some unity/marriage tattoo ideas?
I will be flying out to Vegas for the bachelor party of my sister in laws fiance. there wedding is a week before our 1 year anniversary and i would like to surprise her with it. What are some original ideas for a unity marriage, etc themed tattoo. I dont need any comments about "dont do it, its a curse" save it for someone else.

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Answer by CuriositySatisfaction
With Deepest Sympathy

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Valentine's Day Tattoos
marriage tattoos
Image by nebarnix
We got our wedding ring tattoos today. We came up with the pattern last night.

Two hands holding, maybe spider monkey hands. As the tattoos age they will blur together into one.

But so far we have found more in the design, two lizards with intertwined tails, wings, yin-yang, eyes, a galaxy, and firey wings.

Happy valentine's day!

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  1. Cosmickitty18

    a sun and a moon symbolizing the yin yang symbol meaning two opposites come together and unity in diversity Compromise not conflict :)