What are the bridesmaids jobs for a wedding?

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Question by Dunthat: What are the bridesmaids jobs for a wedding?
I am new at this and have never been in a wedding or anything,but I am planning mine now.I have a MOH and 2 bridesmaids.What are they suppose to do for me?Does every other woman in America know this stuff except me? lol.

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Answer by biglildan
I was going to answer with "whatever the bride wants them to do", but you're the bride! I guess they're just meant to stand there looking pretty, and attend to your every need if necessary.

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  1. Ilovemysister

    MOH plans parties-engagement, bachelorette, bridal showers etc. bridesmaids assist in this
    they all come to fittings for their dresses, help you decide on wedding details if you need it, and are just generally helpful as go to girls that ARENT your mom (or mother in law lol)
    Apart from party planning, they help plan your big day and coordinate so you dont have to as much- for ex, they help flower girls etc get to place and understand what to do, altho some people would say that is a wedding planner’s job. I come from a small town so people help out a lot more with shared responsibility etc so this might not be as appropriate if they dont know your extended family.
    Hope I helped!
    Answer mine?
    everyone else said oh just get a different ring or live with it- not the question, i know i can do that XD help appreciated, thanks!

  2. tjdepere2003

    they are there to remind the grooms men and groom what he is giving up for the rest of his life. The slutty dresses are on them to show off what he will never have. He will just have you and nothing more.
    They might arrange your dress if you have train and will smile at your guest hoping for new conquests for themselves from the grooms friends.

  3. Raven

    The bridesmaids are there to attend to the bride. To make sure her dress is right before she begins to walk down the aisle to hold her flowers when she signs the register during the ceremony. They organize the Hens night and the bridal shower etc. You can always google to find out more about the bridesmaids role before, during and after the wedding. Good luck

  4. samantha

    The maid of honor has some specific jobs…the bridesmaids attend you at the wedding…usually buy their own outfits (but that’s up to you)….and they often help plan a wedding shower, and might go with you to try on your dress, along with your mother….if you want their opinion.

    They go with you to pick out the bridesmaids outfits…really better if you get their input, although it is really up to you to choose the style, color, etc.that you want in your wedding. If you take into account how they look on them, it will be more considerate especially if they are paying for them.

    The maid of honor is one of your supports in helping with details, just as the best man is for the groom.
    The day of the wedding she helps in getting you ready in time for the pictures…she is usually your closest friend. She gives a speech at the wedding reception dinner toasting the bride and groom.
    She goes with you, along with your Mom to help shop for things, etc.

    How much you want to involve them is really up to you. You can have them all do things if you want to.

    In planning our weddings we decided to have fun with it and had a bridesmaids luncheon, gave out the gifts from the bride, tried on the outfits to double check everything, helped with any addressing or other jobs that needed doing. You can make get togethers part of the fun of the wedding preparation…take pictures, etc. They are also expected to attend every wedding shower.

    While planning all of those, be sure to include your Mom….she has been waiting for this special day with her daughter and should have your first concern in including her.

  5. Skye

    lol no I mean i am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time next year for my best friend and I have been wondering the same thing!! Like do we just hold flowers? I dont know. I mean the main job I am thinking of is just to make sure the bride has the time of her life : )

  6. La Vie Boheme

    I didn’t expect anything from my bridesmaids except to show up.

  7. lalala

    Being a bridesmaid is not a job. They are not supposed to “do” anything for you. The only requirements of a bridesmaid/MOH is to get their dress and show up to the wedding on time. Traditionally they also throw you a shower or bachelorette but they are not obligated to.

  8. Jesmo

    Your Bridesmaid are a big piece actually. They help out with Details. While the MOH plans the two parties. The bridesmaids usually help you pick a dress, flowers, invitations, set up the church or reception, make party favors, centerpieces, seating arrangement, Provide emotional support for the bride throughout her engagement, especially during the often stress-filled final weeks, At the shower, help record gifts so the couple can write thank-yous, when asked, giving advice on decorations,music, and more.