What are the different charities accepting wedding dresses?

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Question by Susan: What are the different charities accepting wedding dresses?
I am putting together a comprehensive list of good charities which seek donations of wedding dresses and put them to particularly good use. I know of 2 charities accepting wedding dresses and putting them to good use: one which helps Haiti (www.st-josephs-Haiti.com) (you can mail the gown to donate it) and one which helps low income brides (www.stanthonysbridal.com). Both of these are in Maryland. Do you know of others as good as these? I intend to publish a list on a website.

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Last Mitchell Street Bridal Store Closes; Dresses Donated To Charity

After decades of service, the last bridal shop on Mitchell Street closes.

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  1. HIS!

    The Montgomery County Women’s Center in Texas accepts donations of wedding gowns for it’s resale store. They in turn sell the gowns at at discount, helping a bride get a better dress than she might otherwise be able to afford. The proceeds from the shop go to support the women’s shelter in Montgomery County. It’s a wonderful organization and does a great deal of good.