What are the main things that I need to do to plan my wedding?

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Question by Dunthat: What are the main things that I need to do to plan my wedding?
Find a hall and someone to marry us,right?And my dress and his ring?What am I missing?I need help lol.I want to set a date badly,but we wanted an outside wedding and we live in FL and I just read the hurricane season may be worse this year and that is around the time we want to get married......

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  1. Judith

    Hi Lissa. This is an exciting time for you and you want to do it right. Have a look at wedding-etiquette-direct.com. There is lots of information on planning your wedding and most things that go with it.

    Good luck. And here in New Zealand, the Maoris say that if it rains on your wedding day it means good things for the marriage. So I guess that hurricanes will double the good luck!


  2. Hillary

    The biggest factor in planning a wedding is how many guests you want to invite, start with writing your guest list, then determine your budget. After that you can choose a location and an officiant. when I got engaged we set the date first and made plans around the date. If you’re worried about a hurricane, you can either choose a different season, or plan for the same date next year when the weather might be better, of course, the weather is an impossible thing to plan around, you may have to just pick the day that means the most to you and pray for great weather, on the bright side I’ve heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so if you had a hurricane I’d say buy a lotto ticket, lol. another first thing to consider is what colours and theme (if any) do you want for your wedding, even if it’s small your colour choices can determine what your bouquet will look like.
    No matter what size your wedding is you will need to consider:
    Wedding license
    Dress/Suit or Tux
    flowers (but i’ve seen lots and lots of alternatives, like a button bouquet, feathers, candles etc.)

    if you will be having a fair size wedding than you will want to choose your wedding party, bridesmaids/groomsman, maid of honour and best man, as well as a flower girl and ring bearer. Will you want to wear a Garter for a traditional Garter toss? If you have a wedding party its customary to give your attendants a gift each, some ideas are jewelry boxes for the girls and flasks for the boys.

    for the reception you need to determine, how many people will be invited to that, cause it isn’t unusual to invite guests to the reception and not to the ceremony itself.
    If you want to have a sit down meal or no meal, or a BBQ, or a potluck. If you want to serve alcohol, and if you will be paying or having it BYOB or if it will be a cash bar. decorations and centre pieces and music, also determine what time you want your reception, some people have mid afternoon reception without alcohol and light snacks instead of a full sit down dinner and dancing soiree.

    Then there are the nickle and dimers like a wedding guest book and pen, an aisle runner for the ceremony, (also think if the wedding is outside, you will need chairs set up at your ceremony site, we are using camp chairs, and asking our family and friends to each bring one) ring bearers pillow, wedding favours, (we got almost 300 custom guitar picks with our names and wedding date for $ 100, I’ve seen also match books and shot glasses that could be very inexpensive)

    I know how you feel, planning a wedding is extremely overwhelming, especially in the beginning when you don’t know where start, and you know you can’t send out an invitation without first having your date, location for both ceremony and reception, and the officiant booked. I’m sure no matter how big or small, your day will be beautiful!