What are the most common problems people have in marriage?

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Question by Dr. Kacie Crisp: What are the most common problems people have in marriage?
What do they worry about, what causes marriages to break up, what do women complain about in their husbands, what do husbands complain about in their wives, what's the best way to prevent divorce

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Answer by Da Spicey Meat a Ball
cheating and money.

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  1. SunneeOne w

    money, sex, kids

  2. ladybug

    Sex,money,putting up with their attitude grrrrrrrr.

  3. phattybiggums

    number one problem – money
    women complain about- lack of time spent together
    men complain about- he needs more time to himself
    both of them complain about – sex too much or too little of

    the best way to prevent divorce- conversations

  4. wirehawkboston

    The failure to:

    1. discuss problems calmly and reasonably

    2. ever yield to the other’s point of view, and,

    3. realize that marriage is not a romantic fantasy that lasts forever.

  5. Liliukalana

    Sex, money, politics, kids. I think those are the big 4. Oh and religion. If a H&W aren’t of the same mind on these things, then there can be problems. It’s not necessary to agree 100%, each person just has to truly be okay with the other’s approach to these things.

    Ideally, you’d marry someone whom you both love and like. You need things to fall back on when romantic love fails you. It’s true that you can love someone more and more every day forever, but, it’s not that infatuation-type romantic love that new couples experience. (that’s okay, it’s better than that!)

    Common complaints include not listening to or respecting the other, selfishness, all the friends being from one person and not the other…

  6. starr_goddess

    sex, finance, and kids

  7. White Raven

    It’s different for each couple, but in general, any type of stress can impact a marriage, especially in the early years. The greatest aid to success is the ability, in *both* people, to understand the other person and their needs, to be willing to put a lot of hard work into addressing difficult issues when they come up, to be willing to compromise without regret or hidden reservations, and to support each other in facing life’s difficulties together.

  8. LEYKIS 101

    women want everything and men want nothing but sex!!!

  9. Nayla Gordon

    MONEY and CHEATING are the most causes of divorce.
    If you can get past that you will be fine.

  10. Tim

    The most common problem is communication – lack of good, 2-way, constructive communication.

    Money, Sex, Kids, Family – all of these so called “problems” or “issues” would be easy to deal with with and overcome if they could really communicate with each other (meaning really listen to each other). Usually, they are so close on their views, wants, needs, etc and just can’t see it because they don’t listen. It’s really sad.

  11. care_for_all_people

    Women want to feel wanted but men don’t often show that, so women start looking elsewhere for affection. On the other hand men want to be respected by their wives and when they don’t get that they start to look elsewhere. It’s not always about money, it’s about communication, respect, affection and honesty with each other.

  12. Cupcake

    Time spent together
    House Chores

  13. dot

    Most worry about money
    Then children come along and add to it
    Then with children sex becomes less frequent
    Wives complain about lack of help with children and the home
    Husbands complain not enough sex or attention
    So to prevent a divorce
    Don’t worry about money do something to help the problem
    Don’t have children until one income can support them
    Help with the children and home if the wife works also
    Hence you will have a happy sex life
    It worked for me anyway ?

  14. sandrota

    money and cheating. Honesty is really hard to find in a man.

  15. brian

    Failure to Communicate is the biggest problem iv’e heard about.

  16. David Pratt

    King James Version Bible

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  17. sevenkids

    Men and women DO NOT understand each other. These people above have said it all, if anybody need a good read do visit these sites.