What are the responsibilities of the parents of the bride?

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Question by Chris: What are the responsibilities of the parents of the bride?
My daughter is getting married. What are the responsibilities of the brides parents?

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Answer by Common Sense
If you can help her financially, without going into debt or taking money out of your retirement, then offer her an amount of money you can just give away for a 240 minute party.

In today's day and age, especially with the changing times and the horrific economy, a girl's parents are no longer expected to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for her wedding day. Offer her what you can and be emotionally supportive of her wedding plans.

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Mini Biography
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IMDb Mini Biography By: Gary Brumburgh / gr-home@pacbell.net

Jane Menelaus (20 November 1988 - present) 2 children

Trade Mark
Soft, raspy voice

He adapted Beaumarchais's play "The Marriage of Figaro", with Neil Armfield, for the inaugural production in the new Optus Playhouse in the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, in September, 1998. He also played the title role of Figaro in the same production.

Children: Angelica (1992) and James (1995)

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(May 2004) Currently lives in Melbourne, Australia

(January 2009) Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

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Comments (5)

  1. Perse

    Attempt to attend the wedding if you are able and willing.

  2. joinme4coffee

    These days the parents of the bride have no financial responsibility for the wedding. They can offer to help if they are able and want to. You are responsible for being loving and supportive.

  3. Maggie

    going to the wedding

  4. riversconfluence

    You could host and pay for the wedding, as you would have back in history. If the bride still lives with you, you would probably pay for everything.
    Or, you could offer a sum of money, up front, for the bride and groom who have been living separate lives from you to spend if they wish to pay for and give their own wedding. They would decide if you host or not. They would decide if your name is on the inside of the invitations or not.
    e-how has a article, too. http://www.ehow.com/list_5959017_duties-​parents-groom.html

    One thing to know, etiquette changes with the times and the era of the wedding, and this article is good, but not what Rivers was taught. In her day, the MOB wore champagne almost always, or pale blue or pale pink if she hated champagne.. Period. No other choices. And she did not have to match the bridesmaids. Also, the father of the bride did not have to have a matching tux to the groomsmen. He is Dad, there to help the bride down the aisle, not be a groomsman. So pick the etiquette you want.

    If you are paying for the whole thing, then you pay for everything EXCEPT [this is by US customs]
    The bride’s bouquet[groom pays]
    The wedding rehearsal [groom’s family pays]
    The honeymoon[groom pays]
    The corsages for the honored guests like the Moms[groom pays]
    the bride’s rings[groom pays]
    The groom’s tie and shirt studs[the best man] or a brother
    Transportation to the wedding venue for the groom[best man takes him and pays]
    Groom’s wedding clothes, [groom pays]
    Groom pays for the wedding license.
    The officiant[groom pays] Often gives the money to the best man, who does the actual paying.
    Brides going away corsage[groom]

    Otherwise, the brides parents pay for the food, drink, decorations, transportation, bouquets for the bridesmaids, groom and grooms-men’s boutonnieres, music, alter boys, the huppa, bridesmaid’s luncheon.
    Even though the grooms family invites the bride to be introduced to the family, the brides family has the right to the first engagement party. The grooms parents can still have one, too. See below.

    The parents of the bride buy their own wedding clothes, if limo service is used then the Father goes to the venue with the bride, and the Mom goes with any other kids.

    The Mom picks out her dress for the wedding, and calls the Mother of the groom to tell her about it so they do not show up in the same dress.

    Attend any and all wedding events they are invited to. the parents of the groom are supposed to have an event to welcome the bride into their family, this could be anything from cake and coffee to a big party. Usually, it is Sunday dinner with the family present.

    The bride’s parents get to announce the engagement.

    Go see the 1991 version of “Father of the Bride.” It plays on Dish/Cable every so often, in fact, just last week. It is so good about pointing out the etiquette, and George Banks[the father] just does not understand about weddings. There is an older version with Spencer Tracy as the Dad, it is cute too. And don’t forget to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” a lesson about how different cultures can come together for the sake of their children. And it is funny, too.

    The knot.com has lists and lists of things, right down to games to play at the wedding shower. . There are other wedding websites too.

  5. Ashley D

    Turn up and be supportive of her on her wedding day, provided there isn’t some legal/physical reason you can’t be there.