What are the rules on buying a wedding gift?

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Question by amy_lynne_26: What are the rules on buying a wedding gift?
When you have already bought a wedding gift for a wedding shower, Is it wrong not to take anything to the actual wedding? Or are you suppose to buy two wedding gifts?

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Answer by molly p
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Wedding Gift

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  1. tiger_skratch

    Something old something new something borrowed something blue.

  2. ill answer u

    hmm a wedding gift

  3. redtoolips

    No, you are only expected to buy one gift. The only gifts at the wedding usually come from those who did not attend the showers/ wedding parties.

  4. Justme

    I think that most people who brought a gift to the shower do not bring a gift to the wedding. At the wedding the people who did not go to the shower bring their gifts.

  5. purselover325

    You should bring something to the wedding. Even a card with money or a gift certificate is acceptable. If you are low on cash you can always make something nice for their new place.

  6. dooneygirl@sbcglobal.net

    the gift you gave at the shower is a shower gift and then you buy another gift for the wedding !!!!

  7. Belly-D

    ~Wedding Gifts: 5 Rules of Gift-Giving ~
    *Buy From Their Registry
    *Kitchen, Entertaining, Bed, and Bath Gifts a Must
    *Don’t Spend Less Than $ 50
    *Give a Big Group Gift
    *Buy it Within Two Months

  8. mamabear

    A shower gift is separate from the actual wedding gift. Generally for the shower, the couple is registered at one or more stores. You get the list of items they want from the store(s), see which ones haven’t already been purchased, then buy one.

    For the wedding, itself, most people give money. This is generally because the cost of the wedding, reception, etc. have cost so much, that they could use it.

    It is also okay to bring a gift to the wedding. You can also skip the shower, just do RSVP with a cannot attend, so they know how many people are coming.

  9. curtismarsch

    most wedding shower gifts are for the woman and most wedding gifts are for the couple.but it is up to you to decide wether you want to buy both hope this helps

  10. Granny

    Yes its appropriate to take another gift to the wedding if you are invited to both, Money is always nice, the Bride and Groom can always use it on there honeymoon

  11. jetters007

    that’s a really good ?. i’m not sure, but i guess it depends on how well/how much i like the person. lmao. i know that sounds so awful, but i’m being honest. if you’re really good friends or like them, then yeah go ahead and buy another one, but only if you have the financial means too do it. if you’re low on cash, don’t. one’s plenty.

    if anything– you can just get them another card. lol. or maybe even hit up the dollar store in your area and find some knick-knacks to put together. lol.

  12. brenda4ever

    yes, you should bring a gift to the wedding also.
    we usually give $ 100 when we go to a wedding to pay for our dinner cost! and a gift at the shower.

  13. Jacob's Mommy

    Gift from registry for the shower, and cash at the reception.

  14. mightymight

    I usually buy both, but don’t break yourself. get something that you can afford.