What can I buy my grandparents for their wedding anniversary?

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Question by HopeR: What can I buy my grandparents for their wedding anniversary?
It is my grandparents' Golden Wedding (50th) Anniversary this weeked & i am really stuck on what to get them.
We've already bought a couple of bottles of champagne but i want to buy them something that will last.
If you have any ideas of things i can buy in ENGLAND could you tell me what & where from please :)
i don't have any pictures ):

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Answer by AdultMale
Get them one beautiful shawl each!!

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Golden Anniversary
wedding 50th anniversary
Image by Andrew Pescod
Congratulations to my Granny and Granddad on there 50th wedding anniversary

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  1. Kate M

    what about cruise tickets on a nice ship and let them take a cruise somewhere . good luck and god bless to your grandparents .

  2. swati_chhavi

    Their framed picture together

  3. nicole w

    buy nothing make it a new wedding album with old pics of them both at baby’s as teenagers and then the wedding children grandchild write them a nice letter in the middle it will hit there heart and fill them with so much love that will last another 50 years or make a nice family tree with hones instead of name!!

  4. gdog

    your love and support is all they need

  5. Paul P

    Find out where they where born, Obtain chocolate from the oldest maker in those regions. If you can get these there memories will be priceless. I hope you have time to do this. Good Luck

  6. lisa m

    go to card shops most of them will sell things like a set of 2 glasses which will have golden wedding anniversary on them or a plack that will say they same. or if you want to get them some thing really special maybe get photos of the whole family and put them in a photo album or maybe get old photos of older family members and put them into an album, good luck and i hope you get some thing nice :)

  7. roost2

    Get them a mantle clock,,,,,if they have a mantle. I think about the person that gave one to me every time I look at it. Every night watching TV.

  8. cat woman

    get them a nice restaurant, and pay for the expences…if not try getting a photo of them, maybe there wedding photo done as a painting…best of luck

  9. theewokprincess

    How about donating to charity? Donate one pound for each year they’ve been together! Make it a good charity that they will both like (cancer, animal shelter, church, etc.).

    I’m sure your grandparents would rather have that than something else to put somewhere. They’ll get enough “50th” stuff that another gift will get lost.