What did you print on your ceremony programs?

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Question by bubbadoy: What did you print on your ceremony programs?
Did you only state the program and wedding attendants? Or did you give more details, such as lyrics sung during unity candle, or a poem read, or explanation of a ritual/tradition?

As a guest, what do you prefer? A 1-pg short summary or a little book to flip through? Anything that SHOULD be left off or DEFINITELY included?

Just curious on how I should style my programs...I would like it a little more detailed than a 1-pager, but what's the point if guests won't bother to skim it?

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Answer by typicalcagirl
This is just my thought but if your are on a budget this is an item you can totally skip! Many guest do just as you said and skim it and put them down! Most will be left behind! I had a friend hand make 150 beautiful programs! She had 135 left over after the wedding! Personally all the weddings I have been to lately don't have them and no one missed them!

There like chair covers! No one will remember them! I asked several people if they remembered my Fiance's sister programs or chair covers they all said "they were very nice and matched the wedding theme beautifully", and she didn't have any..lol...So I am not going to waste money! Just my thought though!

Best wishes in all your planning!

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  1. Sarah A.

    Our wedding is non-religious, and has no readings or special customs, so we are going to forego the program. In the weddings I’ve been to, most people don’t read them, they either use them as fans or let their kids color on them (which I’ve always been shocked at, since the bride and groom spent money on the programs, but I guess the parents just want to occupy the children to keep them quiet during the ceremony).

    However, I am designing my sister’s program, and they just have a 2 page (8.5 x 11 folded). One side has the order of service (readings, songs, religious practices, etc), and the other side has names of attendants, ushers, mothers/fathers, etc.

    Wilton makes trifold and two fold ready-to-print programs with a slight perferation for easy folding. I’ve also seen lots of great program pictures on The Knot that helped me get ideas for my sister’s. But like I said, we’re just going to omit the programs. Personally I don’t think it’s necessary, unless you have a lot of religious or cultural rituals performed in the ceremony that you’d like to explain to those not familiar with the customs.

  2. Terri

    Our programs consist of:

    Wedding party
    Parents of Bride and Groom
    Ceremony Events with song names and composers
    About me
    About him
    How we met
    The proposal
    Some cute quotes
    Reception menu
    Directions to reception
    “A special thanks to”

    We want to give them something to read while they wait for the ceremony to start.

    FYI, people WILL remember a good program! Our friends and family have raved about our Holiday Newsletters, and when I forgot to send one out to a few people, I heard about it! LOL

    If you make a good one, it will be remembered. Go for it!

  3. Soon2BeMrsGupta

    Well we are having two different weddings one with a civil servant American wedding, and one Hindu. For the Hindu wedding we are having very detailed program of the different readings and symbol behind each one to help some of our guests (mainly my family who are Italian ) understand what is happening.

    For our larger wedding we are having a single long piece of heavy card stock that matches our invitations. A satin ribbon along top with a crystal tree hanging from it, which mimics our invites. They will have attendants names, family names, the Apache prayer being read and a list of the other readings. Also it will have a note on the bottom to put respect memories of recently deceased relatives.

    I forgot on the back we will have printed advice from our relatives that have been married for long periods of time the best way to sustain a happy marriage

  4. SuMmEr

    I have never been to a wedding with a porgram. It is not something I would spend money on, since most of them will end up in the trash.

  5. maemarilyn1983

    In our programs we put:

    Our Names, The Date and Time (of Ceremony) – On the cover

    The wedding party (list of names, role in the wedding and relation to the bride and groom)

    The Parents names

    The priest/ ministers name

    The names of those who did speeches or music

    The name of the song that the bride walked down the aisle to

    Where the reception would be held and the time

    The name of the Master of Ceremonies

    A special thank-you to the guests, parents, and wedding party
    (seperated- so one individual to each)

    and an “In memory of those that couldn’t be with us poem”

    People DID remember our programs and we had Several comments on them and alot of our guests I know put the programs in an album with the pictures they took.
    Good Luck and Congrats!