What do I get my parents for their 20th wedding anniversary?

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Question by Adam: What do I get my parents for their 20th wedding anniversary?
Im 17 and dont have too much money, however I want to get my parents a good join 21st wedding anniversary gift.

I hope you can help!

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Answer by Jennie
surprise them by making them a nice er and light some candles and the let them enjoy it alone

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Wedding anniversary gifts should always celebrate your years together. Here are some anniversary gift ideas for your 21st to 24th wedding anniversary.

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  1. TheRabiidOne

    Personally I would get them something like a picture of them getting framed, with some nice effect on it like a sepia effect. I f you can get something like that to hang on the wall, or something like that, that they can cherish forever.

  2. Make them something. Im 20 last year I made then a nice dinner set up a table with two chairs in the living room with candle light served them like it was a restaurant. Made a cd of love songs like there first dance song and stuff like that and played it softly in the back round. they LOVED it. This year I made them a dvd I used windows movie maker on my computer and mad a dvd with pictures of there wedding all the way up to now. I included pics of when there kids where born and family pictures and ones of just them and I added little notes and stuff all to to the song “You’re still the one” by Shaina twain. It made my mom cry they LOVED LOVED it lol. hope I helped good luck!

  3. Ashkan

    You could get personalised gifts from http://easypersonalisedgifts.co.uk/

    You can pretty much personalise and design anything to suit the receiver :)

  4. dave

    For the 20th wedding anniversary, china is the traditional gift. A two-piece dinner set from their china pattern would be a lovely gift. Set the table with a bouquet of day lillies, the 20th anniversary flower, for the start of a romantic dinner.

    Source: http://www.must-have-wedding-anniversary-gifts.com/20thweddinganniversarygifts.html