What do you do to get rid of the winter weather blues? We’ve been having one snowstorm after another in my?

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Question by joan t: What do you do to get rid of the winter weather blues? We've been having one snowstorm after another in my?
area lately. It is awful to take a chance driving in. All in all, it has been a yucky, snowy, messy winter so far. Any ideas and suggestions on how to deal with and tolerate this snowy, sloshy, freezing cold weather.

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Answer by TJ
Yeah I hear you, I live in NY. Pretty much the only thin I can do to fight it is go to the gym everyday after work. Exercising makes you feel a ton better.

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Large Thatched Fox
anniversary urban dictionary

Image by Alan Stanton
30 April 2011. Someone must have punched the air when they thought about this idea.

2011 is the sixtieth anniversary of the Festival of Britain. And here we are again in an "Age of Austerity". When "the Nation" is so hard-up that our pilots in Libya are using bows and arrows. While our sculptors can't afford stone or metal and are forced to build their works with bales of straw.

A perfect opportunity for the Southbank Centre to celebrate the Festival of Britain with MasterCard. Until September there's a "a four-month Festival of British culture and creativity". It's got "new outdoor environments, talks and events by some of Britain’s leading artists and thinkers".

Want to know the leading thinkers and artists curators (*) in 2011? Click here for the website.
Well, they did promise a "Summer of Smiles". (See photo below.)



§ Website for the 2011 Festival of Britain with MasterCard.
§ All about (*) curators. The website has lots of references to so-and-so "curating" such-and-such event or exhibition. Plainly, a silly but enjoyable new buzzword. The Oxford English Dictionary explains:
Curator, noun. Etymology: Partly < Anglo-Norman curatour = French -ateur...
One who has the care or charge of a person or thing.
1. A person appointed as guardian of the affairs of someone legally unfit to conduct them him- or herself, such as a minor, an insane person, etc. Used in Roman Law, esp. for the guardian of a minor after the age of tutelage. 2. One who has the cure of souls; = curate n. 3. gen. A person who has charge; a manager, overseer, steward. 4. spec. in University. 5. The officer in charge of a museum, gallery of art, library, or the like; a keeper, custodian.In many cases the official title of the chief keeper. 6. A designation of public officers of various kinds under the Roman Empire.

§ Straw fox built by Pirate Technics. Who explain that they do "Burning Art". And that: "since 2007 we have built figureheads for festivals to capture the essence of a festival identity or theme. Our projects are unique, temporary and interactive. And they are all spectacular".
§ Article about the 1951 Festival by Michael Frayn.
§ See where this picture was taken.
§ The small dog (bottom-right of the photo) is not thatched.

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  1. Elle Z

    We’ve had some of the same around here. But I work from home so I’m used to not being able to just flutter about town. The good thing is that my husband has had several days off because of the snow and I’ve enjoyed having him around. We’ve played WII and pool and cleaned the house together. He got some things done around the house that I’ve been griping about all summer.
    We’ve also gone to the tanning salon a lot preparing for an upcoming cruise. That’s really stifled my winter blues is dreaming about the beach and bars in the upcoming weeks :)

  2. Losing Is Not An Option

    i myself hate winter, always have (even though we don’t get much snow in Texas, i still hate the cold and the way it shuts you indoors, believe me I understand you)

    i have lots of things that help me get through it, feel free to try some or all of these
    -get a video on how to do a certain type of dancing, learn it and have fun
    -create something, crafting or write or paint, but create
    -read something that makes you laugh
    -don’t watch over 2 hours of tv a day
    -write letters to people you love
    -make cards, any kind, valentines, birthday, Easter, Christmas, who cares if they come out dumb, people love a home-made card
    -make up fun silly lists of questions and email them to all your friends
    -play salsa music
    -call someone you haven’t heard from in a while
    -clean out closets and drawers
    -replace missing buttons
    -start a diary
    -change the pictures in all your picture frames
    -clean all your shoes with a damp rag
    -find easy recipes online
    -shop for birthday or anniversary or Christmas presents early, online
    -go on a poetry website and look around
    -try to add a new word to the urban dictionary
    -give your roomate, friend, sweetie a spa day
    -give yourself a spa day, complete with a hot bath, mask, mani, pedi, and relaxing music
    -make a list of five things you love about everyone you are close to and email it to them