What do you include in a wedding scrapbook layout?

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Question by Adriana: What do you include in a wedding scrapbook layout?
I'd like to surprise a friend, and create a a couple of scrapbook layouts for her wedding pictures. What should I include in these layouts, other than the pictures?

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Um...maybe things like the flowers, or invitations and save the date card. Material or some kind of linen they had at there wedding. A list of songs they played. Depending on what favors they had maybe you can put that in there. There colors. Thats all i could think of sorry. Hope that helped.

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Ceremony Layout
wedding ceremony layout
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  1. Patrick

    A wedding scrapbook can be the perfect gift if done correctly. Remember, a scrapbook is a memory holder, making it personal and distinctive will guarantee that it will be cherished. It takes time and effort to accomplish this! In order to create a treasured keepsake for your best friend, here are seven things to include in your project.

    1) Different perspectives

    You will not have access to the photographer’s photographs. Relying on just your own photographs is a bad idea. Plan ahead and get others to assist you in taking pictures before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. This way, you will get a variety of pictures from different perspectives and can enjoy the ceremony without having to worry about taking a picture every two minutes.

    A good way to do this is to buy and distribute automatic cameras, telling contributors to use up all of the pictures. You can even give different photographers different assignments! Have one take pictures of guests, one take pictures of just the groom, one take pictures of the dances, etc. Make sure to order digital CDs from each camera.

    2) Quality Pictures

    After all of the pictures come back and are developed, carefully pick the best of the best. Be selective, avoiding unflattering portraits, especially of the bride. Then, use whatever computer software, even if it’s free from Kodak or Windows, to edit the pictures to the best of your ability. Play around with exposure, crop, or touch up accordingly. She will appreciate how good you made her look.

    3) Things she might not know

    You may want to consider adding wedding tidbits the bride might have missed because she was busy… being a bride! For instance, show a picture of the friend who spilled champagne over her dress, or journal about how everyone was gushing over the handsome waiter. These little details will make her wedding seem an even grander affair.

    4) Quotes from friends and family

    Journaling memories and advice from the bride and groom’s friends and family members is always a great addition to a scrapbook. You can either do this yourself or outsource the responsibility to someone you trust! Include the quotes on individual pages or all together at the end of the scrapbook.

    5) Memorabilia from the wedding

    Include keepsakes from the wedding in the scrapbook. Save the wedding program, petals from the flower arrangements, napkins, invitations, place cards, and incorporate them in your layouts. This adds a personal touch that cannot be imitated.

    6) Choose a theme that reflects her personality

    Carefully consider the type of person your best friend is and the type of relationship she has with her new husband. Let their personalities direct the theme of your scrapbook. Consider the colors in their wedding, the songs they chose, and the activities they share together when contemplating a theme. Choosing something that reflects who they are best shows you know and care for them.

    7) Space for her

    Leave space for her to add her own pictures and memories. She will be touched that you desired her hand in your creation, and she will love that her wedding scrapbook was a collaborative effort.