What do you think of being wed at nineteen?

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Question by Lateral Horizons: What do you think of being wed at nineteen?
No, the girl is not pregnant. Both parties simply desire to be wed.

Please give me you opinion on this matter! If you think it is too young, please explain why. If you think it will lead to divorce, please use a factual argument. Otherwise, feel free to comment!

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Answer by Rachel Jo Macer
If your in love and can make it work then go at it.

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  1. Mika

    Personally I think you two should jus have a long engagement. For the simple fact that what you like at 19, you don’t necessarily like at 25. If yall love each other a year or two won’t hurt the relationship at all

  2. Yup

    six kinds of stupid

  3. TexasRose

    *I dont know how much responsibility you each have at home. But maybe you both could start practicing. Your girlfriend could start doing all the housework, laundry, cooking and cleaning. Just to get a feel what it would be like. And you could start doing much of what your dad does. Mow the yard and keep it up nicely. Do all the odd jobs around the house that your dad does. If you don’t know how, he could teach you. Marriage is so much more than what most people think. Do you both have jobs? I was living on my own at that age and supporting myself. And having a ball as a single person. My dad always said “you pay your bills, THEN you eat.” So, I had to learn how to do that, plus buy needed stuff. Not stuff I just wanted. I lived on a budget. Can y’all do that? Can you balance a check book? Lots to consider! Right off, I’d say no, learn to enjoy your life while you are so young. I didn’t get married till I was 26, even though I was asked 3 times. I have no regrets.

  4. GinGiNF24

    NO!! BIG RESPONSIBILITY AND AT THE END LOVE FADES . YOU HAVE TO BE MATURE E nuf to overcome all . you are still young enjoy dont get in to something you will regret.

  5. joke s

    I don’t think it’s too young.
    At nineteen I was already together with my boyfriend for 4 years. Its a matter of perspective, really. Just make sure that it’s a long-term decision and take at least a year from proposal to ceremony so you’ll know for sure it’s what you want.

    A good example is my parents. They got married when they were 20 and 24. (Also out of love, they wouldn’t have a baby for another 6 years.) They’ve been married for 35 years and together for 40 years! And they still love each other. It can work!

  6. Susan C

    I got married at 18 and the marriage was over very quickly.

    Some people can make it work and have found the right person early in their life. I was just not one of those people.