What do you think of the Seven Year Itch?

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Question by hannabthemd: What do you think of the Seven Year Itch?
If a husband and wife cheated on one another after only 3-4 years of marriage and then went back together to "work it out," do you think they'll have the very popular 7 year itch?

Statistics show that after an affair, that marriage only has a 5% of chance of ever lasting...

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Answer by LEYKIS 101
if they both keep cheating, someone might end up with something more than an itch!!!

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  1. Been There

    Actually, there’s a 3-year itch, a 7-year itch, and a 15-year itch (give or take a year). Seems that it takes about 20 years for the couple to accept each other and settle into a loving companionship.

  2. D L

    I think the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ with Marilyn Monroe was one of her best. However, married people cheat because basically they can, with the thought of most likely not getting caught. It doesn’t matter how many years they are married.

  3. June

    Staying with a spouse that has cheated is the worst thing that you can do . I have never seen people happy after the except there partners betrayal. They will stay together but never feel special To that person again.

  4. bride's mom

    An “itch” isn’t a disease that occurs at predictable times. It is a character flaw that allows people to make bad choices that hurt others and blame it on something else. Saying there is a 7 year itch gives people an excuse to avoid responsibility for irresponsible behavior. Every marriage has its ups and downs, it strong times and its weaker ones. Responsible people work through the bad times, support one another through the weak times, so they can enjoy the good times. Statistics can be manipulated in so many ways as to be meaningless – never trust stats.Love cannot be measured.

  5. Mr Warrior

    The only reason why the 7 year inch exist, is because people keep talking about it.

    Quite simply, it does not exist except in the eyes of urban myth believers.

  6. Vagatarian

    I think once a married person has tasted the fruits of another, the chances are greater that they will partake of the forbidden fruit again in the future. I don’t know if the years make that determination, I believe it’s going to be more the circumstance that presents itself to each spouse.