What does a best man speech consist of?

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Question by John K: What does a best man speech consist of?
I'm the best man at my best friends wedding and I have to give a speech. This is the first wedding I've been to since I was a kid, and I have no idea what the speech consists of, or how long it should be.

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Answer by Nicole m
usually you make a few jokes about the groom and then wish them a long a prosperous marriage

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  1. GT

    try that, it has loads of real speech examples, i found it very useful,
    good luck!

  2. EdenDD

    The speech usually lasts between 2 to 5 minutes, your speech should be funny yet warm and humorous yet sincere. You should compliment the Bride,poke fun at the Groom and end with a great toast.

    Given it is your first time at a wedding never mind as Best Man, try Best Man Training (http://www.bestmantraining.com/) their ebook may be what you need to best prepare and speak with confidence.

    Don’t worry being a Best Man is a very rewarding occasion you will be fine.

  3. artsy1