What does this quote/saying mean? “gay marriage and straight marriage are the same as bikinis and bras”?

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Question by waiting for the night: What does this quote/saying mean? "gay marriage and straight marriage are the same as bikinis and bras"?
The saying "gay marriage and straight marriage are the same as bikini tops and bras, but only one is acceptable in public" is that supposed to be a good saying or homophobic saying?

cuz I saw it on tumblr and I have no clue what it means...
is it saying gay marriage shouldn't be aloud in public? or saying the two are the same? please tell me your opinion or the meaning, thank you!!

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Answer by mark
I'm gay and I think marriage was built around a man and a woman. I wouldn't even want to get married knowing the whole tradition and concept wants nothing to do with homosexuals like me. I don't understand why other gays are trying to force themselves on a tradition that doesn't accept them?

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  1. esmerelda

    Yes, it’s homophobic. If you want another slogan, here’s one from the worst of the AIDS epidemic era: Silence = Death.

    Saying OUR marriages are unacceptable is … unacceptable.

    The US Constitution mandates equal justice under the law.

    Marriage is the legal recognition of an emotional commitment, which confers about a thousand civil rights to the married couple. There’s no clause about having to breed – it is not about ‘one man one woman.’ Marriage was not a religious ceremony until the year 1215.


    There is no “gay marriage,” any more than there’s a ‘gay driver’s license” or a “gay voter registration.” It’s just marriage.

    Marriage EQUALITY.

  2. Sparky is Bananas

    Bikinis and bras practically identical, just bikinis cam be worn outside and noone cares..
    In this case, the bikini is the straight marriage which nobody will question and the bra is gay marriage..
    If someone wore a bra outside people would stare (not because of the breasts, but because it wasnt ‘normal’)

  3. Geno Blasterstar

    Well think about it, what is a Bra & What is a Bikini top; it’s basically a bra. But Bikini tops are accepted in public, well Bras are not; such like Straight marriage is accepted in public. But gay marriage is not, even though their the same exact thing.

  4. Marcella

    I guess it’s to your own interpretation on how you stand on gay marriage. For me, I’m all for it so I interpret it as: a bikini and a bra are literally the same thing. When people aren’t comfortable in their bra, it makes no sense that they’ll go everywhere in a bikini, because they are the same thing! So gay marriage and straight marriage are the same thing, because two guys/girls getting married looks the same, to me, as a man and a woman getting married! I hope I helped. (Tumblr is usually pro gay marriage!)

  5. Anonymous

    Bras and bikinis are the same thing. Gay and straights are the same.

  6. Chad Lancaster

    bras and bikini are pretty much the same thing. Gay and straight marriage is the same thing, just two of the same sex vs. two of the opposite.