What does woman like for their wedding anniversary?

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Question by Just me OO: What does woman like for their wedding anniversary?
2nd year anniversary, any ideas from woman will be appreciated.

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Answer by Tanya S
can't go wrong with diamonds!!!

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The Hidden Gardens of Bury St Edmunds 19-06-2011
anniversary picture ideas

Image by Karen Roe
A courtyard garden with high flint walls. Lots of shade-loving plants.

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A suggested walking route is provided with your programme or you can choose from brief descriptions your own 'must see' gardens.Come and find gardens old and new, large and small, showy and loved, all providing ideas for your own patch and together making a delightful walk round our lovely town.

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  1. carmenlafond

    Check online there is a certain type of thing to be give on the 2nd anniversary. I would want a Sub zero refrigerator or a Wolf cooktop or a one carat princess diamond ring.

  2. Winnie the P

    Well for starters what’s your wife like?
    Does she love the feeling of the sand between her toes? Love to feel the wind flowing through her hair? Would she prefer a heartfelt card over a diamond necklace?

    You know your wife the best, and I don’t. For every option I give or tip I give there will always be a suggestion on how to make it better. That suggestion will differ for someone who has humor, true romantic, and a classy wife.

    1. Don’t argue with her – it’ll be worth it to just agree
    2. Always go the extra mile – it’s not the “price” that counts it’s the “thought” (that’s misconcieved as if you give her a dollar gift, she’ll appreciate that you gave her something! No… it’s the thought of you caring enough about her to reserve a limo, Not how much money you spent on her that made her happy. There’s a difference.)
    3. Devote all time to her- buisness can wait, you owe one full day to her
    4. Take her someplace special- detailed later on

    Mission: Show her in every possible way that you still love her

    For the second anniversary it is traditional to get her something related to Cotton. Such as… monogrammed
    -bed spread
    – Clothing
    -Cotton pajamas (or sexy lingerie)
    -BTW whenever you shop for lingerie, always ask the sales ladie to assist you, woman know what other women like. Bring in a sample size, and some pictures of what your wife usually wears, so she can tell what your wife would like.
    -Kitchen towels
    -T-shirt with a personalized message
    – if you have a humorous wife you might want to include this, but not ONLY this
    -Cotton sarong
    -Decorative rugs
    The modern take is Cotton / Calico
    Bed linens
    Bath towels

    Alternate Modern: China
    Fine china
    Candle holders
    Serving dishes

    – your wife might appreciate a small party with close friends and family, having all her loved ones around her (you could reserve a hotel and then whisk her away to a suite)
    – an Island ro getaway for someone who is adventurous and fun
    – true romantic just the two of you the whole day
    – If she’s a traditional person she’ll probably appreciate a quiet restaurant with you paying

    My Tips:
    – If you remember the exact time you were married you should get her alone a few minutes before and give ehr your gift a few minutes earlier
    – NEVER buy baskets if it’s personal you pick them
    – a card might mean the world to her, write a nice poem and get a card that she’ll love (if she’s funny a funny card you know)
    – I really don’t have anything more I really can’t you know her the best I don’t know her personality, just show that you put thought into whatever it is (which is why you NEVER get a basket with things preselected). If she loves art draw her something beautiful ( or make an attempt) may-be where you two went on a first date, or first kissed. May-be then you can find a way to imprint it onto a pillow?? or Bed spread?

    Finally Links to possible gifts:
    – a message in a bottle: http://onepassionplace.com/messagesil.htm
    – Frame your wedding invition or wedding pictures or testimony (http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-88344/)
    The link allows you to customize a very beautiful frame.
    – Get a digital photo frame (you can go to any electronics store) and upload all the pictures of you into the it (You can even make your own http://www.picturesnob.com/archives/2008_02.php)
    – cotton gifts http://www.findgift.com/Anniversary-Table/Cotton/

    Hope I helped, and good luck 😀

    P.S. Use the sources for further information.

  3. Maya

    I want one of my bedrooms in the house converted into a walk-in closet.

    But my husband told me if he makes it. Im living in it.. :(

  4. Nick P

    Whatever you get it wont be as good as her best friends 2nd anniversary gift!

  5. Starry Eyed

    A weekend getaway!! Or if money is tight, then just a day trip. Find somewhere nice to spend the day, maybe pack a picnic and just do your thing. My husband and I are coming up on 3 years and we pick a new place to go every year. Its fun!

  6. redpeach_mi

    they want to know that you still love them, no matter what has changed or didn;t change, just as much as on the day that you married them.

  7. teat


  8. Lauren Ashleigh

    first the flowers, then take her out an a romantic date in the town, go to a lovely restraunt, and give her a present there,
    like a diamond necklace.
    Perfect Wedding anniversary!

  9. Jessie R

    I like when my husband plans weekends away for us. If you have kids, send them to a relative for the weekend, take care of all the details and get her a couples massage where ever you wind up. Go for a slightly nicer then normal place to make her feel extra speciala dn be sure to plan a good dinner. Basically pamper her and give her what she normally woudl never get for herself…free time and a quiet romantic evening!

  10. christinaspassion

    jewelry, roses. if you don’t have the money for all that what nots you could always do something straight from the heart that’s better than anything money can buy!!!

  11. simbachu

    weekend getaways are always fun. dont have to be far at all. check to see what type of hotels and inns are in your area. if no time for that or cant find babysitter, take her to her FAVORITE restaurant. a nite away from the kitchen helps too. if none of those ideas help, take her shopping.

  12. dakira_87

    Well i would like a candle light dinner with rose peddles around the room, or a suite. play soft music, and have a dessert on the side. make sure u have flowers and a poem (stating why you love her).

  13. dolphyns2000

    The 2nd anniversary is cotton, so maybe have a quilt made for her using either old clothes of the both of yours or quilting pieces with designs that are specific to you both. Like if you go horseback riding, you could put a square in there with horses. I would love something like that. Or make her something yourself if she’s the sentimental type. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cotton. Good luck and congratulations.

  14. fsujd524

    The traditional gift for a second year anniversary is cotton, the modern gift is China (tableware, not the country). But my advice is to get her something that doesn’t just have materialistic value. Rather something that shows her that after two years of marriage you really understand her likes and dislikes or that you’ve noticed her recent interests. Make it very meaningful yet useful. For example: If she’s been interested in pictures or photography recently, get her a nice camera and pay for a class in photography for her to take. Or if she hasn’t been feeling as confident as she should lately, pay for her and a girlfriend to go and get spa treatment, pay for her to go and buy a nice outfit, and take her out for a really nice dinner and make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. Or maybe it’s time to upgrade that engagement ring diamond. It’s pretty simple, I find that the best gifts I’ve given are the ones they never asked for.