What earrings would match a green pearl necklace?

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Question by Heather: What earrings would match a green pearl necklace?
My wedding colors are pink and green. My bridesmaids dresses are pink so I bought them all matching pretty green pearl necklaces for their gifts. But what kind of earings should they wear? Buying them all the same isnt in my budget, and I dont think I should ask them to look for green pearl earrings to match (sounds expensive and hard).

Any suggestions that would look nice?
Haha I know green pearl earrings would match! But im asking for any other alternatives that would look good too!

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Answer by Pendragon LOVER!
What earrings would match a green pearl necklace?

...why, green pearl earings of course!

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Comments (5)

  1. Brooke

    maybe some dangley silver ones or pink to match the dresses

  2. Abby C

    If you are looking for something cheap then you could always make them.
    OR check Wal-Mart, Target, ect for cheap things. I think pink pearl earings would look cute.
    Or any pink earings.

  3. Mrsmelinanj

    Either silver earings (maybe just a little diamond) or gold hoops!

  4. Katie

    Have them not wear earrings or go with something neutral like gold or silver balls. Studs only though because it would look funny with non pearl dangling earrings. No earrings would look best, but nobody will notice because they’ll all have their eyes on the bride anyway. Plus nobody would really be able to tell even if they were a serious snob unless they got close to the bridesmaids. Congrats on the wedding! :)

  5. jbgirlie1

    umm first congrats :)

    and kohls always has nice jewlery and i know almost all of its on sale right now… i just bout like 6 turquiose rings and each one was only $ 15 marked down from $ 50… also its all sterling silver.

    this is pretty but idk if its what ur looking for : http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/pearls/earrings/PRD~577522/Sterling+Silver+Paua+Shell+and+Freshwater+Pearl+Drop+Earrings.jsp

    this is also pretty but their like $ 40 :http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/pearls/earrings/PRD~469534/RhodiumPlated+Sterling+Silver+Baroque+Freshwater+Pearl+Drop+Earrings.jsp

    this is the page for their pearl jewlery for ear rings: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/pearls/earrings.jsp?bmForm=guided_nav_search&SubcatFolderID=2534374752619753

    also you can go to your local jewler and ask them if they might have anything for cheap.

    theres also jc penny or macys that might have something. might be kinda expensive though. it depends on your price range