What happens in a marriage done by a judge?

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Question by Jassy: What happens in a marriage done by a judge?
Has anyone ever been married by a judge instead of a priest?
What happens?
Like I know with a priest u exchange vows, sometimes the partners exchange words to eachother, & the priest says "You may kiss the bride", but what happens when you r married by a judge?
(I'm getting married this Thursday by a judge)

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Answer by perfectvelvet
Generally the same thing that happens in a religious ceremony but without the religious passages.

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Comments (8)

  1. Perse

    The script is basically the same, remove God.

    Not every judge will use the same script so no one can say what yours in particular will include.

  2. Can't Wait!

    Well, you get married by a judge. There’s really nothing to it. You can have a few people there if you want, or not. You show up, sign documents, get married, and bing bang done. They do say vows, but there’s usually no mention of God or religion involved, and most will be compassionate about it and say “you may now kiss the bride.” I’ve never seen a court wedding where the judge is a total douche and says “ok, get out, you’re married now.”

  3. seamstress

    The script is of basic vows when you have a civil ceremony. I am not sure if you get the opportunity to write your own vows or not, but if you want to, it does not hurt to ask.

    Oh, something I learned about as you say: ‘the priest says “You may kiss the bride”.’ It is not true, at least not in the church I got married in. At the church rehearsal, I asked the priest a question–“At what point do you say, you may kiss the bride?” He looked bewildered and said “There is NO kissing in church”. I was floored and shocked. Oh no, no kissing the bride? You have got to be kidding me!

    So, my groom and I decided to pull a fast one. After the marriage ceremony when we were ready to walk down the aisle together, we turned our backs to the priest and we kissed in front of all of our guests. They clapped.

  4. Cassandra =]

    Well you can write your own vows which is better if you ask me. That’s what I’m doing for my wedding.

  5. Andrea Chism

    its basically the same thing but their isnt your whole family and your husbands family there its just you and him

  6. Nox

    Same thing as a religious officiant just minus the religion.

    You exchange vows. You don’t exchange “words” with each other. You kiss. Rings are usually done afterwards.

  7. sheloves_dablues

    The only difference is that your marriage isn’t blessed by God.

    I’ve never met anyone who was married by a judge. In Canada, we hire marriage commissioners.

  8. 10-1-11

    My best friend just got married at the JP yesterday.
    I thought the ceremony was very nice! I can say very short & sweet. We all came in, her dad walked her in (even though that wasn’t planned by the judge) the judge thanked everyone for coming. Explained the marriage license & what was in their envelope. Read a short ex-perp about marriage from the bible, & they exchanged their rings (given to them by her 6 year old) the judge was very willing to involve him in the ceremony. Then they exchanged rings. He made them join hands said a few more things (about the couple never separating because a ring is whole) Then he said you may kiss your bride!
    He was great about photos & letting us hang out in the court room as long as we needed.

    It was not at all as I expected a “JP” wedding to be like. I thought they were kinda quick & trashy (for lack of a better word) but it was far from!