What is a cheap place for a wedding and reception in Jacksonville Fl?

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Question by Brandon: What is a cheap place for a wedding and reception in Jacksonville Fl?
We need somewhere inside and air conditioned in Jacksonville. The wedding and reception don't have to be in the same place but we are broke so we'd prefer to rent one place rather than two. We have about 2-300 for the venue. and about 75-90 guests. Thanks!

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Answer by planner
jacksonville parks and recreation department has many buildings and facilities they rent for weddings and social events. you can choose one that is in a park and have the ceremony in the park and the reception in the center. the rental fees are from 125 to 250 dollars for 3 hours and between 25 and 50 dollars per hour for each hour after that. some of them have kitchens too.

here is the website for further information with a list of all the rentable centers and their contact information. you can click on the names of each one for further information. http://www.coj.net/departments/parks-and-recreation/recreation-and-community-programming/community-centers/center-rentals.aspx

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  1. Mare

    Why not try something wildly DIFFERENT for your wedding?

    I suggest the PLUNGE at the local park…..followed by a nice picnic under the swaying palms.