What is a good way to watch live TV streaming over the internet ?

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Question by tutterrow: What is a good way to watch live TV streaming over the internet ?
What is a good way to watch live TV streaming over the internet ?

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Answer by Kevante White
Are you talking about porn?

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Hulu Plus For Xbox 360 Review - BWOne.com

bwone.com Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com Hulu Plus is finally here on the Xbox 360 (Better late that never) and here his my review. Hulu Plus is available in the Video Marketplace section of your Xbox 360. Once you have it downloaded you will need to sign in with your account. You will need a Hulu Plus subscription which will cost you .99 per month and be an Xbox Live Gold Member as well which runs about per year. Once you since in with your account your taken to the main screen which is very like Netflix and other apps on the Xbox 360. You have pre defined sections with Popular movies, TV Shows, clips and Recently added movies, TV shows and clips. There is also group search by TV, Movies, Clips etc. in alphabetical order. There is search functionality as well which is pretty fast. Each show allows you go get deeper details, choose available episodes,, seasons and similar shows. You have a Queue linked to you Hulu.com account. Anything in your queue will show up on both the app and the website. However this is where you may run into a problem because some content is not available t0 watched on your TV. Content that you see a "Web Only" banner on won't be allowed to watch on your TV though the Xbox 360 which is lame. You can add it to your queue to watch on the web though. Watching content is a very good experience. If you have the internet connection speed and its available you will get it in nice, clear and smooth HD. Video controls are exactly the ...

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  1. sarah b

    Network websites, such as ABC.com if the show airs on ABC, NBC if it’s an NBC show etc..

  2. bostonfan406

    Netflix and Hulu Plus are by far the best, but you do have to pay. The only good free places are TV.com and Hulu but even then their offerings are limited. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are reasonably priced and are continously adding to their listings of shows. I don’t recommend any of the streaming sites that are user uploaded. I used to do that but in the end all I would get were a bunch of viruses and videos with very bad quality.