What is a good website to shop online for wedding accessories?

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Question by Jacqui: What is a good website to shop online for wedding accessories?
I'm getting married soon. (YAY!!) As we all know in this economy, we are all trying to save some money. The bridal shops charge a lot for veils and etc. (but I haven't really looked) So I was wondering which website is ideal for shopping for wedding veils and headpieces/clips.

And if you would like, give some suggestions by posting a link. :]

Thank you for your help. ^_^

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Answer by VIVIENNE
You could try this site

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Bridal Wedding Headpiece
wedding headpieces
Image by Bellafaye
My daughter April's specialty shop on Etsy.com!! She handcrafts beautiful fashion accessories for everyday and special events!! Enjoy some whimsy!

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  1. kjay

    http://www.ebay.com – of course, might pick up a cheapie on there
    http://www.lightinthebox.com – im considering ordering my dress from these guys, beautiful dresses and they’re sooooo cheap!!!

    Cant really think of anywhere else, perhaps just type in discout wedding accessories in google and see what comes up? Best of luck and congrats!

  2. Mrs♥B

    I bought my veil at a craft store (Micheal’s). It cost me $ 20 and nobody could tell that it came from a craft store :)

    I bought my headband on ebay for $ 12 too :)

  3. Soon to be a Mrs...Oct 18th 2009

    http://www.save-on-crafts.com is an awesome website! They have amazing products and they are cheap. I absolutely loved it. I got a lot of my stuff from there. Good luck

  4. Duck

    um i dont really konw some but i still come here to say “congratulation to you and have a unforgetalbe wedding’ ^_^

  5. Joyce

    Congratulations!you can try EBsilk to buy wedding accessories with chinese silk .it will make you the most beautiful bride .

  6. jcalvin2007

    This is where I bought my veil. It is very simple, but it is such great quality. They have ways you can customize your ideal veil. Very beautiful and great customer service. GREAT for the money.

  7. Yan

    you can buy wedding dress from this site http://www.promweddingdressesonline.com