What is a good wedding gift to get at an anime convention?

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Question by animengu54: What is a good wedding gift to get at an anime convention?
The wedding gift is for a couple who are getting married and the gift has to be something that can be bought and found at an anime convention.

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Answer by Ichigo Fukutsu
Well, it depends on what type of anime the couple likes^///^!Here's what I'd do:
1) I would probably recommend asking them what their favorite anime is, then maybe getting them some cosplay(costumes) of the main male and female love interests,maybe?
2)Try to get their favorite voice actors autographs!
3)Have all their favorite voice actors give a shout out to them on camera!
4)Ask the cast of their favorite anime to show up?(Well, you know, if they can...)
5)Get them matching bracelets! Like on Vampire Knight, get a Yuki pendant for the bride, and a Zero tatoo pendant for the groom!
6)Some special japanese candy! Like, tenkei!
7)Buy their favorite anime on DVD.
8)Buy them some dating sims!(Its fun to watch couples play it!)
Or 9)Just buy them some manga!:D
Well, I hope this helped!

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