What is a website that I can find a wedding dress that is high fashion and contemporary?

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Question by tdpasley: What is a website that I can find a wedding dress that is high fashion and contemporary?
I am looking for something under $ 1000, which is making me lean toward a SHARP evening gown in ivory. I love avant garde looks, but not TOO weird, and of good quality. I want something that is very red carpet like, very form fitting, and DIFFERENT. Like beading, designs in the fabric, whatever. Shoot!

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Answer by chevalier
i dont know exactly what you are looking for but i noticed that nobody else had answered.

try davidsbridal.com they have thousands of dresses, other than that i cant think of another website.

good luck and congrats.

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  1. squigglemoo

    try marysbridal.com They have lots of different dresses and most are under your price range. i hope this helps.

  2. Sparx

    Try pronovias.com I love their vintage selection but their other styles are really gorgeous too, lots of choice.

  3. CBT Princess
  4. treehill.brucas


    they will probably be over $ 1000 dollars but are the best at what your looking for
    good luck!

  5. Lisa M

    you can go this this website check that,there are many dresses.also they can custom-made.
    I have just ordered 2 items mother dress from this website http://www.kanaccasbridal.com/shopbrands.asp?cate_id=326
    For my brother’s wedding, my mum and friends’ mum are very satisfied with the dress , both dresses are suit them very well, sincerely , I only spend $ 400 for these two dresses . if you are interesting in, you mat go this website http://www.kanaccasbridal.com/shopbrands.asp?cate_id=326
    Good lucky.