What is a wedding vow renewal ceremony and what do people do for it?

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Question by Sarah: What is a wedding vow renewal ceremony and what do people do for it?
Just want to know what a wedding vow renewal ceremony is all about. anything well help. thank you to all who help out with this.

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Answer by charlie, US Citizen
From my understanding it's usually done when people are reminiscent of their special day and just want to do it all over again to show their love for each other. Others pick a special year, like 10th, 20th etc. when they have more family ie kids, or more extended family they want to share their special day with.

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  1. Jenny Lynne

    Today, many people marry in a civil ceremony for many reasons (ie. groom to be is being deployed soon) etc. and many want the big white wedding, the big to do, which I totally disagree with. So, some people choose to have a vow renewal and some do have the traditional wedding, dress and all, but vows can be said, but no signing of the marriage license has already been signed and the couple are legally married on that day. I think it is nice (if one must do it) to be on an anniversary date, first, third or fifth. Many people have anniversary receptions, etc. but a vow renewal is a little difference as the couple are repeating the vows they did not get to say in front of friends or family. A nice teal length dress, white if she prefers, but not all the weddingy stuff, groom in a suit, etc. A small bouquet and a bout for him.

  2. Muggs 2598

    it is just a waist of time and money..

  3. Myth_Understood

    Up until recently, with the selfish, self-centered ‘instant gratification minded’ generation that is coming up right now, the traditional vow renewal was celebrated for a couple who really deserved it – like, say for their 30th wedding anniversary. The ceremony was to review their marriage vows and revisit them, and to rededicate each to the other, as a way of saying “After 30 years, we are still mad for each other, and we would do it all over again.” Gifts are not given, although the children of such a union usually find a way to surprise their parents by sending them on a cruise, or by doing something equally special and grande.

    The young, immature ones who do it now, as a way of having their cake (getting married in the court because they can’t wait and/or can’t afford a wedding), and eating it, too (having a big ceremony in the big poufy dress, and having everyone give the gifts they should have gotten at the big wedding that they SACRIFICED in order to satisfy their haste) are immature, selfish, and ridiculous. It’s not a vow renewal – it’s a ‘k so, we got married last year because we couldn’t wait because we’re, like, really totally in love and he’s going off to the military, so, like, instead of waiting until after he comes back and have saved some money, we’re like doing it now because we totally love each other …’ renewal, which is a little silly.

    This is my view.

    P.S. to Jenny Lynne: It’s ‘tea length’ dress, which describes a dress that comes to mid-calf, just above the ankle, while teal is a deep greenish-blueish color.