What is customary in an Egyptian marriage proposal and engagement?

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Question by : What is customary in an Egyptian marriage proposal and engagement?
I've always been interested in Egyptian history, but have recently become more interested in customs. I've picked up some things here and there, but I still don't have a clue what's customary regarding dating, engagement and marriage. Is it really that different from western customs? I've read that wedding rings are exchanged, is there an engagement ring as well? Thank you all in advance, I hope I can learn a lot from all of you!

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Answer by NadinXlove
In modern Egypt people wear nearly the same things western people wear these days. In engagement and marriage it's also the same,,,,I dunno about the country sides of Egypt, I think they're different dunno.
Wedding rings are usually the same as the engagement ring. When the couple are engaged the guy wears a silver ring on his right hand and the girl wears a golden one on right hand. When they get married they wear the same rings but on the left hand.

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  1. Alaa

    ok here it goes ( Keep in mind I’m talking about mainstream Egyptians here and not the exceptions):
    Dating: As a predominantly conservative society, Egyptians usually frown upon the notion of a guy and a girl going out on their own. The dating scene is usually restricted to the upper class influenced by western culture, but is still not accepted by most Egyptians. Groups of guys and girls hanging out together is considered more acceptable though.

    Engagement: might just be the replacement of dating in our society, it’s the phase when the bride and groom really get to know each other, it’s more acceptable for them to go out together. It usually includes the groom to be and his parents visiting the bride’s family and asking her hand in marriage. After the bride to be’s approval, they start negotiating details like jobs, housing..etc , you know “the every day details”. Engaged couples wear their rings in their right hands, and throughout their engagement, they debate and plan their future in every single aspect, which is why some engagements crumble when they find out they’re not compatible. (which usually happens during dating in the west).

    Marriage: The wedding itself is preceded by a ceremony many Egyptian women perform called “The night of the henna” where the bride and her friends gather together and celebrate the upcoming nuptuals with henna and other festivities.
    The wedding ceremony itself differs greatly from class to another, it might range from a wedding in the neighborhood to a luxurious party in a 5 star hotel with practically everything in between. They all include performers, singers, sometimes belly dancers, buffets..etc (They differ greatly according to class and social status though).
    dang that was a mouthful, hope it helps :))

  2. The Egyptian Wolf IV

    First of all dating is forbidden for Muslim and Christian people in Egypt,like dating in western cultures involves having pre-marital sex which is a great sin in Islam and is severely punished if caught in action. Second, regarding engagement the the man and woman can meet with their parents consent where the groom buys their brides engagement ring,shabkah (he pays dowry and buys his bride jewelry), their future house and pays for most of the things in the house,of course the parents do help on both sides, as for the marriage,the groom and the bride first legalize the marriage by signing the marriage contract in a mosque or a chapel then they go to a dance hall where they celebrate with family and friends and finally the groom and the bride take a flight to the suite to spend their first night together.

  3. ranona

    agree with all who answered..i just want to say that dating isn’t really acceptable her ..dating her =engaged & both families has accepted that they should meet..anyways when they are engaged all what have been said before is right plus some parents may leave their daughters with thier finacees alone & give her all the freedom (going out,to movies,dinner…etc)& some are old fashioned & a chaperone should be present(yes you heard it right)..i never go out alone with my fiance my mum should always be with me..or we go out as a whole family:D…it has to do with being more religious & keeping me hard to get so he would be eager to get everything done in our future home asap so we can have our wedding & get all the freedom we want….
    there’a ceremony done before the wedding called katb ktab(signing the marriage certificate or whatever it’s called)..something like wedding in church but the whole wedding party may/maynot be on the same day..
    engagement ring is gold for women & silver for men they usually put it on the right ,,after they are married they put it on the left…wedding ring is what we call here a shabka(jewelry is different from one bride to another could be a diamond ring or just gold necklaces & bracelet ..etc)