What is it called when your engagement ring fits into the wedding band?

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Question by Brielle C: What is it called when your engagement ring fits into the wedding band?
I want a wedding ring that is symmetrical, like the wedding band isn't above or below the engagement ring, but its on both sides. Im having a hard time finding ones that come like this, I was thinking of designing my own.

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Answer by Meg
It's called a bridal set.

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  1. Jenny Lynne

    They are called jackets or enhancers and many people purchase them later (due to cost). If you don’t want the enhancer and just want two matching bands on either side of your engagement ring you will just have to shop until you find two alike or perhaps find one at a good jewelry store and ask if another just like it can be ordered. Google wedding ring enhancers and jackets to see if this is what you want. Many enhancers don’t have to be the kind that “hug” the center ring, but are simply matching bands on either side.

  2. Rheanys

    This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways.
    1) Certain types of bridal sets. This is where the engagement ring and wedding ring(s) come together.
    2) Certain types of jackets or enhancers that are purchased separately from the engagement ring.
    3) Purchasing two wedding bands. One to wear on either side of the engagement ring.
    4) Having something custom made by a jeweler that does custom work. If you choose this option, talk to the jeweler about exactly what you are wanting and don’t forget to use some pictures.