What is the best firearm for someone like me?

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Question by Jade Orchid: What is the best firearm for someone like me?
I need a small sidearm that packs a punch but is quite and has little kick. (I'm terrified of loud noises so it absolutely has to be relatively quite.) I currently own a Taurus Spectrum Blue Titanium .38 revolver I got for a wedding present (Yeah, my husband is a hick...*sneers* My Mom's mouth bout fell out of her head not only when I told her but when she saw the ugly thing.) but I can't stand it because it's hammerless and I like having that option. I've owned several revolvers but I'm thinking of moving away from that...Any suggestions? Thanks...

Oh, and I'm putting this Q in Home & Garden because it's the closest thing I could come up with...(i.e. home protection) Sorry for the inconvienience...
LOL @ Desert Eagle...Mmmmm...I said "quite" mm-kay? Thanks...

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Answer by lifeofthepartyyea
a muskett

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  1. james

    I’d say a 9mm Glock. They are lite and don’t have much of a kick.

  2. dk
  3. Robbie

    What about a walther. they are an austrian gun that is very compact. However if you want somthing with a ‘bit of a kick’ then what about a colt like mabey a .45 or atleast a .38 wich wouldnt be as loud. Glocks such as the 17 or 19 are good but the dont have a lot of kick, they are quite reliable quiet. Magnums are good but again they make a lot of noise. Fianly a barreta would be a good choice as far as pistols go, they are the ones the army uses and for revolvers then you cant talk about hand guns with out mentioning the smith and wesson. hope this has given you some good ideas

  4. unclebob418

    You might want to get a .38 that has a hammer.

  5. El

    .38 is not a good defense weapon as it has a big bullet with little powder behind it. 9mm is good with little kick but has no knockdown. .357 is very good but too bulky. The optimum gun for concealment or self defense is a Glock model 23 which is a .40 caliber. It has some knockdown and penetration like a 9mm. Small weapon and does well. You can buy a kit that easily installs on the back of that glock which is a child safety lock with a hand cuff key. It will still look stock.

    But beyond gun types you need to understand that handguns are useless without training. You have to develop neuro-muscular memory so if a situation happens your body knows what to do without you having to think about it. Often times the suspect is within 20 feet of you and you have maybe one second to react. If you are confused about safetys and aiming, then you have lost the chance. Police are trained heavily in situations and their hit rate for suspects is 11%. Without training your hit rate success is zero.

    I recommend not just learning to shoot well but self defense. Most of the time you will not have a chance to get to the gun and then what are you going to do? If you are grabbed and know what to do you can hurt them long enough to get to your weapon. I used to teach self defense and this is most important. You are the best weapon you can have. Sometimes even if you shoot someone that does not stop them. They may not even feel the shot and keep coming. I have police training books of suspects they shot over thirty times before they dropped.

    Just keep in mind that guns are not the is all weapon. They just seem convienent as a remote control stopping device. The reality is I have had people pull guns on me and I was on top of them before they had a chance to use them. There is no time when the event happens.

    Hope this helps.

  6. artman59

    I disagree with all the answers posted but perhaps part of one- maybe a Walther, but that isn’t a great bet. your biggest problem is “quiet”- there isn’t an unsuppressed (silenced) handgun out there that is truly quiet- even a .22 long rifle caliber handgun is a pretty loud “pop”.
    As for your “hick” husband, I think he may have shown you just how much he loves you with that “ugly” revolver as a wedding gift- the ability to defend yourself is obviously important to him- that says a lot about how he feels for you.

    Frankly, I’d recommend that you get a good “earmuff” style set of hearing protection, and become proficient with the Taurus- it is an adequate caliber for defense (barely, but anything more worthy will be much louder) an excellent design, and a practical “carry” gun.

    My personal home defense gun is a 12 gauge shotgun, and for carry a 1911A1 style .45 auto- both of which are a bit much gun for the inexperienced, and my wife likes the .357 magnum Ruger GP-100 4 inch blued revolver, but since we married, she has become quite an accomplished shooter, and it is a nice “big” gun, without being too big- and it’s still way bigger than your Taurus.

  7. ab72756

    Check out a .22 magnum autoloader or revolver. The autoloader will be very effective at close range and will give more fire power than the revolver. In my opinion the 22 mag is a better option than a .380 as far as impact and is much quieter.

    Anything bigger is going to be louder. A Glock in 40 cal. is a wonderful weapon if you can stand the noise of a bigger caliber. Wearing good ear protection anytime you shoot is very important and if you have to shoot it in an emergency you won’t even notice how loud it is.

  8. concordbridge

    Hi Jade

    Sorry, this will be long.

    1) Noise. If there is ever a time when you are in peril and need to draw and shoot, you will not notice or remember any noise. That is how your body operates. Noise is only an issue to you when you practice. I recommend that you have some practice sessions first with an NRA Instructor for basic pistol technique. using DOUBLE ear protection — foam stuffers and earmuffs all at once. Some problem shooters have been greatly helped by controlling noise.

    2)Carrying: A .45 on the dresser is no protection if you are at the mall. Plainly, to be any good for protection, the pistol has to be in your pocket (not your purse!) Face it, unless you make some significant wardrobe changes (wearing a vest or fannypack all the time) you will have some problems. One of my dear friends has carried a Beretta .22 for over 5 years.
    Here: http://www.mouseguns.com/beretta/mb21a.htm It goes with him to the office, to work in the yard, and to church. He says that it is a picky eater and needs Stinger type ammo to function properly.

    That same guy gave his daughter one of these http://www.naaminis.com/guard.html on her 18th birthday. Today, I think a .380 by the same company might be better.

    3) Holsters: The pocket holster he likes for both is L shaped like these: http://www.grahamholsters.com/pocketholsters.htm

    4) Bad Habits: Small guns bounce and bark more than big ones. You might get a .22 like the popular Rugers or my favorite Browning: http://www.a-human-right.com/handguns.html (find the Buckmark on this page)
    to use for practice and skill building then keep the Titanium for carry.

    5) Practice. Practice is boring. To make it fun, you can earn awards for self paced progress. I or other trainers can sign you up to earn these nifty badges: http://www.nrahq.org/education/training/marksmanship/Handgun.asp

    Try this gun club:
    Oklahoma City Gun Club, p.o. Box 21067, Oklahoma City, OK 73156.
    Phone: 405-872-3517

    6) Possible carry guns: http://www.kel-tec.com/p3at.html http://www.auctionarms.com/search/displayitem.cfm?ItemNum=6653440
    I sure like the Ruger SP101. But I own a Taurus: http://handloads.com/pics/taurus85.jpg

    7) Advice: Join this list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wa-ccw/

    8) Recap: control the noise, practise to gain familiarity, likely keep the Titanium — .38s are really popular.

    Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction!

  9. claude

    House protection – You are more likely to get hit by a bullet if you have a gun. Normally criminals will find the gun or get it off you and then use it on you rather than you using it on them.

    Get a guard dog. They are good company as well as being a mass of flying teeth and claws for anyone who tries to attack you or your house.

    Also get some self defense classes. A criminal might be able to get to your gun first, but a good kick can do the trick.

  10. JediKnight

    I heard a .22 can take down a clown-shoe wearing Canadian in about 3 shots.