What is the best way to ask a girl I’ve been dating for a week to co-sign a loan for me?

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Question by 2Jacq: What is the best way to ask a girl I've been dating for a week to co-sign a loan for me?
She is just wonderful, and I'm sure we are going to be together forever and procreate and all of that stuff.

I need $ 15,000 for a little project I have going on and I need her to co-sign it to get the loan. What is the best way to ask her?


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Answer by Nona said so
Are you kidding me??

Good luck with that one! I hope she has enough sense to say NO, regardless of how you ask her!

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  1. Qari

    about 15 seconds before she is about tocum…have the contract ready to be signed…

  2. jasminl

    Dont bother! She would have to be some kind of idiot to do that, and it is unreasonable for you to expect her to do that.

  3. Kissy Cat Lover

    There is no best way to ask her. You have been dating a week– that is not enough time for her to know the real you. The only exception to this is if you have known her for years. I think you’d better stick to your friends and family until she gets to know you better.

  4. Mirrorball

    hold a gun to her head is the only way to get her to do that

  5. oikos

    See if the “For Dummies” series of books has one for con artists. I gather your family knows you too well to co-sign.

  6. BEV

    I hope she’s smart enough to say no.

  7. lauren

    It’s inappropriate to ask someone you’ve only been dating for a week to co-sign a loan with you. She doesn’t know you well enough to trust you and know you’ll pay the money back and she wont have to.

    Unless you’ve been friends with her for a very long time and just started dating don’t even ask. It’s rude, and she’ll probably break up with you for asking.

    If she says yes or doesn’t break up with you then shes got something wrong with her.

  8. Dump the liberals into Jupiter

    A girl I dated once tried to pull that on me. I dumped her immediately.

  9. Cynique

    LOL!!! There is no best way. You can only hope that you’ve picked a girl that’s gullible enough to help you. If some guy I’ve been dating for a week asked me to co-sign for a loan, I would never talk to him again. I mean, if he’s going to be needing that kind of financial help within a week, imagine what else he’d be asking for over the years.

  10. disgusted with councils

    Wearing a suit of armour might be a good idea.

  11. Scuzzy hearts Answer Bag!

    Is she a saddo like the last few?

    If so just admire her collection of ceramic cats and tell her you love her. That outta do it.


    she would be stupid to do it

  13. The Good Earthaâ„¢

    She’ll never fall for it. You’re not good enough in bed to get her into the trance like state necessary to get her to agree to this.
    Just forge her signature and be done with it. Why change the habits of a lifetime at this late stage, mate?

  14. Shrimp

    How can you know that this is the right person after only a week? You are still in the first flurry, so of course she is going to seem perfect!
    If that were me, and some guy asked me to do that, I would be off like a shot because I would think that is all he wants me around for. My advice is, don’t ask her if you want to stay with her. I think you’ve got a bloody cheek, if truth be told.

  15. Michael

    This has got to be fake. I hope that your “project” is actually signing up for some sort of social interaction therapy.

    FYI, if you really like someone, it’s creepy to think that after one week, you’re sure you’re going to, “procreate”.

  16. baciami
  17. Michael M

    All I can say … this is relationship death.

  18. Heavenly Sexy Kelly Bundy

    Whoa! A gf with some money–I’d be willing to roll that way for that kind of change…I’m tired of dating to pay my electric bill. Does she have a sister?

  19. strpenta

    Oh! Tell her it’s to start a ‘religious group’. I’m sure she’ll be more than eager to sign đŸ˜‰

  20. Entonces Schmecky

    You might imply that you will likely die if she doesn’t come through for you. Failure to support you in your endeavors would just be confirmation that she is basically a selfish person who is trying to keep you down in life, just like your Mom always used to do. If she really loves you, then co-signing a loan shouldn’t be any problem.

  21. Jayden's ♥Aunt♥

    What’s the matter with your tried-and-true method of putting something in her drink, darling? If it works, then there’s no reason to change it.


  22. Star light

    I would first give her drugs.
    I think that would help her make the right decision.
    Good luck.
    She sounds really pretty.

  23. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Get on any cheap site and buy her an incredible ring that looks real. I mean, two carat. If you are willing to make an investment you can buy her a two carat moissanite for around $ 1500. A jeweler needs a special laser to tell the difference. Then light a bunch of candles, buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, overseason it a little and make it look a little disheveled and tell her you made her dinner. Propose. Sit for hours and get her extremely drunk. Prompt her to talk about all of her dreams including the place she most wants to travel and her dream wedding. Allow her to pass out at this point. Put her to bed.

    When morning comes, position yourself at the computer on a loan website and make dismal noises. She will be hungover and come crawling down and ask what is wrong so that you shut up. Tell her that her ring set you back a pretty penny and that it has taken all your immediate savings. Tell her that you were going to book her dream wedding in *insert dream country* and get all her family and friends there for a destination, tourist wedding. When she asks how you can afford all this you could say you got an inheritance and it is being paid in two lump sums. One you spent on her ring, the other larger chunk will come in a year. But you wanted to get married in *insert month three months from date* because that is when *sentimental reason*. Start to cry again. Say you tried to apply for a loan for the wedding, but the ring took it all. Your cousin is a travel agent, you can sob, who was going to get us such a great deal but I tried this website, which he swore by and I can’t get a loan. I can pay back double the amount in a year, but they won’t give it to me!

    She should take it from there.

    If the deal falls through then at least you aren’t out much on the ring. Good luck!

  24. Instant Star says Hey Jude

    You can go ahead and ask, but I gotta say, you might want to start planning ahead for the procreating.

    I just found out today.


  25. Makka Pakka

    Do it whil doggystyling her – even if she says no, at least you’ll get a buckin bronco out of the deal.