What is the best way to plan a reception when we are getting married at city hall?

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Question by : What is the best way to plan a reception when we are getting married at city hall?
My fiance and I are two different religions and cannot find a way to compromise on the wedding ceremony. Therefore, we are going to except to get married at city hall and have a reception after. What is a proper way to have a celebration like this?

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Rent out a space... or if you have a nice backyard and it is a nice day you can do it there..decorations are key

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City Hall - Signatures, Rings, Vows
wedding ceremony at city hall

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At around 11am (11:30ish for myself and Payal), we went to City Hall for our official wedding ceremony.

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  1. TotalRecipeHound

    No proper way. I’ve been to a lot of wedding receptions where the couple married at city hall privately and then had a party at the VFW in the evening (weekends being usually being booked months in advance). Just send the invitations asking people to celebrate your wedding at a reception, etc. etc. You don’t have to state anything specific about the wedding. People figure it out just fine.

  2. D'arc Tangent

    Depending on the size of the reception you are looking for (and if both side of the family get along!), I would recommend you find a restaurant you both like and find out if they have banquet facilities (or a large party room) that might available.

    This will keep your costs down and you already know you like the food!

  3. fizzygurrl1980

    Just schedule the reception for the weekend after you actually get married, so nobody will ask to come along to the courthouse or anything like that. Word the invitation like this:


    invite you to a reception
    in celebration of their marriage

    on (date of reception)
    at (time of reception)

    (Location of reception)

    Then include the directions to the venue in the invitation envelope.

  4. Alice

    The same way you would if you had had a religious ceremony. The reception is not usually a religious event, it is simply a gathering to celebrate the new marriage. Rent out a space and plan the reception as you normally would, just avoid including anything religious (such as prayers) in the reception.

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  6. Sahra

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