What is the fees to pay for green card through marriage?

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Question by Please Answer: What is the fees to pay for green card through marriage?
I understand that I will need to fill the following forms: I-485 -$ 325, G325A - $ 0 + $ 70 for biometric test, $ 130- $ 190, I-864 - $ 0 , and form I-693- $ 0. Since I 'm currently working and want to continue working while my forms are being processed I will also need to fill two optional forms I-765- $ 180 and I-131 - $ 170.

Are there any other forms and fees that I need to consider? Should I send the forms in package to the service center by overnight delivery or should I go in person and speak with an immigration officer?

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Answer by holbrook91
In the end it is going to cost you a couple thousand dollars...that is why illegals do not want to be legalized...as you know it can be expensive...but the most expensive part is in the beginning...

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  1. rocio

    if you are working legally you do not need an employment authorization ( I-765), and the I-131 ( advance parole) is just if you plan to travel abroad, are you planning to go abroad? if so, you need one. If not, you just remain in the country.

    I sent the forms in an envelope with a service ( I do not remember the name of the service) that lets me know that my package arrived to its destination and has been received by the USCIS.
    It may be cheaper than the overnight service.
    In 7 days I got the confirmation that my forms arrived. You do not go and speak with an immigration officer, just send the forms through the mail.

    Please do not forget to choose the best answer among all the answers you get.

  2. type2negative

    Fees are right. Medical exam cost about 100-150.

    Send them by some postal service. The adress differs depends on which corruier you are using, so be cautious. You cannot bring it in person. They all go to processing center first, and then to you district office.


  3. kb

    There is no other forms and fees except for the fees for medical exams and stuff. And you don’t need to send the package by overnight delivery. And I don’t think you can stop by an immigration office and ask some questions about it (if you want to ask some questions )because one of my friends tried to do that but she was told that she needed to send the package BY MAIL and she CAN’T ask any questions about the forms and stuff at the office. It’s really annoying but I guess that’s the rules.

    Anyway, if you don’t hire an immigration lawyer, it won’t probably cost more than $ 1000 dollars. But if you need to drive a long way to take some medical exams, it will cost you a little.

    I filed the petition for AOS in 2004 and I didn’t apply for I-131 and it cost probably around $ 700 dollars including the cost of medical exams and gas. If you have so many questions about it, you probably want to visit Visajourney. Com which has better and usuful information about green card: http://visajourney.com/forums/index.php?act=home