What is the view that Italian men have about women in Italy? What is the womans role?

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Question by redhead27: What is the view that Italian men have about women in Italy? What is the womans role?
Specifically the Sicilian men... do they see women as inferior? As equals?

Do they see their wives as inferior to them and cheat on them or do they respect the family and marriage vows?

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Answer by Nitro
Hai visto troppi film!!!

In italia è la stessa cosa che in altri paesi civilizzati

You have see too much movie!!

In Italy now is the same thing that every part of the civilized nation

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Marrying in Bulgaria: The tale of a USACE employee
marriage vows in english

Image by USACE Europe District
Three orthodox priests blessed the marriage of Paul Farley, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District construction representative, living and working in Bulgaria, and his bride, Slavina Tyulenova, Aug. 28, 2011 in the town of Melnik. The wedding day was filled with Bulgarian customs and rituals. During the ceremony, the couple took part in the lighting of candles, sipping of wine and exchange of the crowns. Each gesture symbolized the uniting of the couple under God and their commitment to one another as husband and wife. During the week preceding the wedding, Tyulenova’s mother baked a traditional loaf of marriage bread. In Bulgarian folklore, the rising of the bread represents the creation of a new family unit. During the ceremony, the homemade honey bread was broken by the mother of the groom and fed to the couple, wishing them a sweet life together. After the vows were exchanged and the couple sealed their nuptials with a kiss it was time for the reception. A band played Bulgarian music, while guests danced the “horo”. The horo is a simple, but lively Bulgarian dance, varying slightly from region to region. Smiling and giggling, guests held hands and circled the newlyweds. Even Farley’s American friends, Rich Thomas and Mattie Jones, fellow USACE employees, were able to pick up the horo and get their groove on. While the couple opted for a traditional wedding, their meeting and courtship was quite modern, explained Farley. “We met on the internet,” he said. Soon after Farley arrived in Bulgaria to work for USACE at the Novo Selo resident office he met Tyulenova on an internet dating site. At the time, Tyulenova lived five hours away in her hometown of Sandanski. The distance did not discourage Farley. He traveled to southern Bulgaria for a face-to-face meeting with Tyulenova. “I was looking for a companion,” Farley said. He found companionship and fell in love with Tyulenova. On Aug. 28, the couple said “I do” in both Bulgarian and English. The newlyweds are settling into married life and expecting their first child, a son, in October. (Courtesy photo)

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  1. Dhibb al-Gehenna

    American b movies addicted??

  2. giuls

    Dhibb, ahahahaha :) :)

  3. ire4ever

    ciao…i’m italian…italy is like all other nations…
    Isn’t like in the films…
    and italy isn’t so beautiful…for nothing…
    then i’m of the north of italy..como.. and the men are all equal…
    un bacio..

    ps…sorry for my english =)