What is your interpretation of a good and/or great poem?

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Question by Mythical Tales: What is your interpretation of a good and/or great poem?
What constitutes it as being good or great? Is that purely philosophical (all opinions, so it doesn't matter) and other than your own opinion, what makes a good poem according to the "rules" of literature? Such as

I am here,
you are there,

WHY is that a bad poem haha? I know it sounds sarcastic but I'm serious. I just want to hear your opinions ironically enough.

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Answer by Randa94
I guess a bad poem would be one that has no depth whats so ever. But in my opinion a good poem is something that I can understand. Something that is not so far fetched that i can relate to it. And i guess one that, when you read it, you can feel it trigger an emotion in you. And just saying i think edgar allen poe is the best.

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I wrote a poem called "For Better or Worse" in response to the depression I was in, I guess. I made the backing track as well as the poem. For Better or Wors...

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  1. 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven

    There are many greats writin poetry I think even in this era, but certainly there have been classical poets, still remembered, which is part of my sense of great. a poem that can be remembered, some history of the poet is known, and a piece I wanna learn perhaps and re-read.

    God might not stay with me for long, but it has to hook me in, be of some interest, a piece I might personally relate to and become involved in. That can happen in any genre

  2. Happy Hiram

    Poetry cannot be defined like a butterfly on a pin in a case. Poetry was a mnemonic and the only thing most people in history had as a book. Today, poetry has no purpose, and thereby is free to be what the writers and readers want it to be.

    I do not have a set idea of what a good or great poem should be. I have three pet peeves though, that I think make bad poetry:

    1. Conversational, blog-like, stream of consciousness poetry. What ruined poetry in the 1950’s and 60’s. Charles Bukowski being a prime example.

    2. Repetition poetry. Imitative of Walt Whitman. I call this “love is…” poetry based on the famously overdone hippie styled dreck.

    3. Pseudo antique poetry, using Thou’s and Thee’s, this is folks trying to be Keats or Byron.

    Usually bad poetry stems from people being too much a fan and not enough an artist. Artistry requires no small amount of ignorance. Experts in their field are unable to create.


    It’s all a matter of opinion.Is this person a friend? Do they love my poems?
    If they do others here say its wonder,awesome and write more.You can have the greatest poem in the world.No one would know it,unless they read it first.you can’t speed read life and passion as most do.
    There’s poems here that are great,some even published.others give a one line answer.
    Or insult the writer.Great poems are usually true life experiences to share.When critics lives consist of sitting in a chair all day watching barnacles.any poem they don’t write is considered garbage.
    Then if a friend,drinking buddy or possible love interests writes one.LOOK OUT.My dear
    such a memorizing ,endearing,heartfelt poem,this is fabulous.Bad poems are a dime a dozen.
    The pincushion spidery buffoon fell in mud,
    Coming in the marshes,i pondered,lost..
    Now thats a 10? isn’t it? most here think so.