What kind of underwear is apprpriate for locker room at school t?

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Question by Trust me I'm a doctor: What kind of underwear is apprpriate for locker room at school t?
Im 16 and i dont wear underwear if i do its bikini briefs do you have to wear underwear?

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Answer by EssexBoy
Calvin Klein Boxers

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  1. Billie

    If you can be discreet when changing in the locker room and not expose your bits and pieces to others, then I see no reason why you should wear pants, but I guess cos its in a public place, and especially if girls share the locker rooms too, then the school would expect you to do so. However what type and style I guess would be your own choice. Again if you want to conceal your bits, wear boxers but if not then just wear what you want.

    Perhaps your a girl though, but even so, then the same rules would apply.

    Billie UK

  2. Jasper

    No law says you have to wear underwear; if you are fine going without, go without. Will make most guys jealous. Or wear the bikini briefs. Way better looking than those ugly and worthless boxers.

  3. WildArabianHorses

    I would say it depends. If you are a secure Alpha-type, do what you normally do and start a new trend. If you are not, and most boys wouldn’t be at your age, look at loose-fitting boxer-briefs. Tighty-whities will do you permanent damage. Boxers bunch up and are very uncomfortable. Loose boxer-briefs are not ideal, but a reasonable compromise if you absolutely need to cover up at school. Throw them off and in the hamper as soon as you get home, though.

    The boys need a bit of a breeze in order to stay healthy. Scots with their kilts had the right idea. No underwear there. Millions of men only wear a sirwal(think PJ bottoms). Only in the West do you find people insisting that you wear sperm-killers at all times. They’re nuts. So to speak.

    PS: Just saw the comment from Billie. “Pants” is brit-speak for underwear. “Smalls” is another one. What we call “pants” are known as “trousers” in the UK, just so there is no confusion. And no, co-ed locker rooms are not common in the UK either, although they are much more relaxed about social nudity than what we in the US are. Talk about terrorism… The crap they put into our heads here… Sheesh…

    It is well documented in the medical literature that tight underwear kills sperm. Wearing them will also deform your penis, sometimes to the point to where sex becomes painful or impossible. Ever, as in, it is a permanent condition. It also seems that tight underwear inhibits testosterone production.

    So unless you want to sing soprano and be the butt of a bunch of girly jokes the rest of your life, your preference to go commando at all times is very valid. Throw your bikini briefs in the trash and get a couple pair of loose boxer briefs instead. Then use them as little as you can manage.

  4. rockyjr5

    yes you have to wear underwear. For the your 1st question the answer is any kind that you want to wear. Screw the people that says you can’t wear any or those who make fun of the people like u for wearing the type of underwear that is comfrantable for people like you.

  5. Ric Mans

    well eather way it does not matter but if you are any shorter than 5.2 i would unless your penis is tiny and they will feel sory for you and if you are taller then 5,8 then i would unless you are like mondo hugio dicko and will make them question if they are guys
    you dont want bigger people to be jelos and you dont want people laughing at you

  6. Keith

    wear what you want you will be so hawt and sexy either way

  7. Racer20

    The proper underwear is what you feel most comfortable wearing. Hopefully clean without holes and a proper fit. Wear the correct size whether it is boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, bikini, a thong or nothing at all.

  8. LifeIsGrand

    How comfortable are you with looking different from the others in the locker room? Nowadays boxers or boxer briefs are most popular but wear the type of underwear you want. I think wearing underwear may be required. I’m not sure. I have a teenage son and he tells me that he never known a guy to not wear underwear so I’m thinking that the school may require it unless you are taking a shower.