What kind of wedding dress do I have?

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Question by Amy T: What kind of wedding dress do I have?
I got my dress 2 months ago from a boutique that was going out of buisiness. It looked like a designer dress but at an unbeatable price. Now I am trying to look up the label and I can;t find any information on it? It is p2 collection style p196? I only found on dress online that was on a used wedding dress site? Please help! Thanks!

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Answer by coolperson
i think you should wear a white dress.

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  1. grammie

    There is no label name on the dress? The only thing I would say is to go to a Bridal Gown site. And start looking at all of the dresses they have. What style is it? Ball gown, A Line, Fitted, Mermaid, Off the shoulder, Sweet heart,ect. The Bridal sites have all of these styles, click on the style that fits yours.

  2. Harmony

    What style is the dress?

    Does it look like this?


    Mori Lee gowns have two numbers listed on the label. Collection number, and style number. Collection is just which collection group the gown belongs to (the number 2 indicates the bridal collection, other collections of bridal gowns are Voyage, Blu, and Angelina Faccenda)
    the other number is the style number. Remove the P’s, and put them together and you get the number the gown is listed by online…

  3. D4Pres2012

    I did a google search for that designer and style and found nothing. I always say if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist. thus, that dress does not exist.

    now do you have the dress or not? your question isn’t clear. if the shop went out of business and you paid for your dress, you should go get it from the owner of the shop and keep it at your house. you’ll have to have alterations done elsewhere if that shop has closed. allos 2 mos for alterations.

  4. Kev J

    The collection and style numbers you quoted are those of the company who sold you your dress and are not associated with any particular designer. The dress is most likely pre-owned and possibly a couple of years old by now so the only way you could tell is either by taking it to a wedding dress shop and asking them if they know or by using a google image search for wedding dresses and trying to spot yours.