What kinds of frosting usually go between layers of wedding cakes?

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Question by lord_melkoriswatchingyou: What kinds of frosting usually go between layers of wedding cakes?
The answer is NOT fondant. I think it's buttercream but I cannot remember. I made this specific wedding cake frosting a while back and I cannot remember what I made. Just now I made my buttercream recipe and it just doesn't taste like the frosting that I made before. Any ideas of typical wedding cake frosting?

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Answer by Diet C
Royal Icing is another popular one that's used.

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  1. lolly

    It’s usually buttercream. Use real butter for good taste.

  2. pines204

    Royal icing is the icing that’s used for making rock hard frosting, it’s meant to dry (like the happy birthday letters you can buy premade at the store) so Royal is not what you want.

    I paid off my student loans by opening a bakery back a few years ago.. I used a wonderful recipe that held up well. Also, I found out that it works really wonderful with a stand up mixer, since it requires alot of mixing. The longer you mix it, the fluffier it gets.

    1-3 lb can of crisco
    2- 2 lb bagsof confectioners sugar
    2 carton of whipping cream.

    Ok, you take one half of the crisco, put it in your mixer bowl. It’s not hard to measure out one half, easy to see. Use a large rubber spatula.
    Add ONE bag of the confectioners sugar, this is a recipe enough to do a whole wedding cake, so it’s a double recipe. Turn your mixer on very very slowly, or you will have xx sugar everywhere. Add your 1 carton of whipping cream, scraping the sides. Turn your mixer on gradually up to fast, and let it beat. You will see it whip up. Add (pay good attention here ) regular brown vanilla for ivory frosting or clear vanilla for pure white frosting. A touch of almond flavoring is awesome with it, as well.. that is optional.

    That would be one batch. Repeat if you need a second batch with the remaining ingredients.. the one half can of crisco, the other bag of xx sugar, and the other carton of whipping cream.

    I used this recipe for 14 years in my bakery, it decorates excellently, and is not sickeningly sweet, but light, fluffy and can be used in the middle of any layers as well as the other frosting of a wedding cake.
    When I would have say a strawberry cake, I would take an amount of this frosting, add strawberry jam, or strawberry flavoring to the middle layer of the cake for an awesome accent. You cannot see it, until you cut it,but its pretty and give the strawberry a little hint. You can do this with any flavor really, I have even added chocolate to it on a chocolate layer. It is not visible from the outer decoration.