What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?

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Question by TappingMachine: What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?
Here is a link to the picture of my wedding dress for this summer. It is an outdoor vintage/romantic themed wedding and I don't know what shoes to wear! I can't wear a small heal because they will sink into the grass. Any suggestions or links to websites with cute shoes for weddings? If the link below doesn't work, just google image "Aire Barcelona - Belga"


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Answer by Allen Signoriello
Try a site called theaislenewyork. It's a designer wedding flash sale site. Also I think enviius.com just had a daVinci wedding gown sale all dresses marked down 80% to like$ 329. If you visit www.estylesonline.com they list all designer flash sites and they sales. A lot of designer shoes on there at nice discounts.

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    I found a good site for shoes that is easy to browse. They have flip flops, ballet slippers, mules and slides… you can dye them any color or just wear them as it.