What should I get my husband for our first wedding anniversary?

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Question by Kate: What should I get my husband for our first wedding anniversary?
I rather foolishly said that we should stick to tradition and get token gifts to do with 'paper' as this is the one year anniversary symbol in our wedding book. Does anyone have any ideas of personal presents I could give him? It doesn't have to be expensive. Thank you very much!

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Answer by Rusty_Tiara
Nut's Mag (aparently men like those)
something wooden since thats what paper is made of?

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Fun and friends at the Sustainability Symbol Anniversary Party in Beijing China


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  1. Dess

    Dual Time-Zone Watches for Travelers

  2. Charm

    I used shutterfly to create a calendar. You can import your own pictures and you can put your own special days on there. I put the anniversary of our first date, the first time we kissed, and the date I knew for sure he was the one for me. Also, under the pictures you can put your own captions. I used lines from our favorite poems and songs, as well as some inside jokes. It was a very personal gift, and it was even made of paper (traditional 1st anniversary gift). I think I spent $ 20 on it.

  3. only 1 me

    wallet or colonge

  4. ***B2B 5/17/2010***

    If you have kids, get a baby sitter, and for 3 days rent a nice hotel room and get some sexy lingerie and just enjoy!
    It’s like a little mini vacation, and it probably won’t cost more than $ 300, and it’d be a really deep time where you two can bond.
    It’d be really special =)

  5. feifei82

    Create one. Since this is your 1st anniversary, do up a slide show with pics of both of you prior to marriage and after marriage. This is your love story. compose a song too with lyrics of both of you in it and this will be your song. it will be really nice and personal and only one of its kind in this world. check out this site for some ideas. http://www.my-song.ca

  6. John M

    if you guys are planning on have kids one dayor already have kids, it might be wise to buy im a really nice camera. Hell want to capture everything they do. in meantime he can take pictures of you and the things you do together.

  7. Jenny

    What about an oil on canvas painting from your favorite photo? I think it’s a really great personalized gift.

  8. cheap_wedding_solutions

    Traditionally your 1st wedding anniversary is paper and you could buy tickets to a favorite game or band, even tickets for a trip away.

    You could put together a collage of your first year together, or make 365 paper origami hearts for every day of your first year!

    More ideas here

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. nycogirl

    This may not be helpful to you, but my husband and I didn’t do anniversary gifts. Our anniversary is one month after Christmas – needless to say we were strapped for cash. We have so many birthdays and other occassions to buy for in our family that we decided exchanging gifts for our anniversary would be silly. Instead we had a romantic dinner out followed by sex. Honestly, nothing says I love you more than those 2 things. My husband is not big on collecting things so that’s we why don’t do presents all the time. Just birthdays.

  10. zainy

    i am sure he would like chocolates or some nice officewear or a watch go with something he loves