What should I name my event planning business?

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Question by Lynn L: What should I name my event planning business?
I have a partner her name is Marlene, my name is Vanessa
We specialize in social events. Wedding, Birthday Parties, Sweet 16, Banquets, Anniversaries, Book Signings, Grand Openings. etc.

We have thought of using our last names and then adding for instance, A & H Event Managment Group and a lot of other options, however, we wanted to have a name that represented our creative flair and a name that would be remembered.

Thanks for your ideas!

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Answer by Ninja!
We've got it planned!

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  1. Don H If both parents are albino

    E-vents a go-go.

  2. Scotty Doesn't Know

    The name isn’t nearly important as the quality of service.

    In a service-oriented business like that, the reputation of the service you provide is MUCH more important than the name you pick. Something easier to say, like “A&H Events” would even be better….or Whatever your last names are…If it’s Anderson and Hoover, maybe just call it “Anderson Hoover”.