What should I pack for Honeymoon to Banff, Canada during the first week of May?

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Question by banffherewecome!: What should I pack for Honeymoon to Banff, Canada during the first week of May?
My fiance and I are going to Banff, Canada for our Honeymoon. We are staying for 7 days during the first week of May. What should we pack? How is the weather normally there during May? When does the sun rise/set there?

We will probably do some hiking, spa trips, sightseeing, relaxing, etc. We will be going out to eat some nights at some really nice restaurants.

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Brother Otter
Temps will get into the mid-50s during the day but will still be below freezing at night. Sunrise and set are about breakfast/supper time.
You'll want long pants and sleeves, light jackets, and sweaters. If you're hardier, short sleeves may work during the day.

Be sure to take swimwear and visit the hot springs.

If you're not staying there, at least take time to have a meal at the Banff Springs Hotel. Definitely a dress up affair... http://www.fairmont.com/Banffsprings/

For hiking, remember to carry water. You may be at a higher elevation than you're used to, and the air may be drier, so you'll dehydrate faster.

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  1. tracyjrob

    Lots of warm clothes! I live in nearby Lake Louise and it’s still very cold here…-11 degrees celsius during the night and 4 during the day. There’s also still lots of snow here and more in the forecast. Check out the forecast: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/caab0016 but don’t take it too seriously, as it is usually wrong!
    The sun comes up at about 7 these days and goes down at about 9…but because we’re surrounded by mountains, it seems darker a bit earlier.
    The Banff Springs has the nicest spa in Banff (also most expensive) but if you want nice dining, I’d go for a place called Fuze.
    Drop by Lake Louise and check out the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise…I’ll be on the Fairmont Gold floor!