What should I say on our wedding reception/1 year anniversary invitations?

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Question by sassybowhunter: What should I say on our wedding reception/1 year anniversary invitations?
Me and my husband were not able to have a wedding so we went to the courthouse. Now almost one year later we and our family want to have a reception. I want it to celebrate our wedding but I don't want people to think it to late or think that we're just asking for gifts. What can we put on our invitations to explain what were doing that will be sweet and cute. Without them thinking were expecting gifts?

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Answer by KMcG
You (and a guest) are cordiality invited to celebrate the anniversary of (her name) and (his name)'s wedding. Please join us of for food , fun and dancing.OR whatever. Some people may still want to give you gifts, you really can't stop people for doing so . You could include at the bottom of the invite a line like, In lieu of gifts please make a donation to (pick your favorite charity) This will make it clear, that gifts are not expected and those who still feel compiled to do so, can just make a donation to charity.

I had friends who did the same thing, his mom had a "wedding " party about a year and a half after they had gotten married.

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20000212 - Clint and Carolyn's wedding reception - 05_Jay, Nathan, Mark Sawyer, Dave Oranchak, Jennifer & Emily & Sharon, Greg Spaulding, Debbie, Sarah & Kipp (9m49s) (HQ) (divx) (CUT OFF ON FLICKR, VIEW FULL VERSION ON YOUTUBE)
wedding reception 1 year after wedding

Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Cameraman Tony T explores the buffet/beer area. Tony T asks staff for advice. Carolyn's brother Jay says \"make lots of babies\".

Nathan talks about spilling, and references Britt's wedding video, where Clint talks about how Britt got married 1 month after meeting Chuck, and Clint and Carolyn waited 8 years. Britt should have followed suit because she got divorced 7 years later. Had she waited 8 years, things would have been much easier. 😛

Tony T interviews Carolyn's family: Her uncle Mark gives the advice, \"try not to think to heavy about life\". Mark then grabs the camera, turns it around on Tony, makes fun of Tony's excellent Homer Simpson tie, and interviews Tony (who used to date Britt).

Dave O gives the advice of \"don't go to bed angry\".

Clint's cousins Jennifer and Emily and aunt Sharon don't have much advice to give -- other than Emily saying to \"have fun in Vegas\", which we did.

Greg S has no advice to give, saying that we've \"pretty much been married for 15 years anyway\". (Even tho it's really only been 8 years that we've known each other.)

Debbie M gives her best wishes. Sarah V is busy eating with Kipp and has \"no idea\".

Carolyn, Darren, Dave, Debbie, Emily, Greg, Jay, Jennifer, Kipp, Marissa, Mark, Mike, Nathan, Sarah, Shannon, Sharon, Todd, Vicky, Wayne.
drinking, eating.

February 12, 2002.
Pic by Tony T.

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Emily is my cousin (mom's sister Ally's daughter). She just had a kid; the first of the next generation.

Mike is my uncle (mom's sister Beth's husband).

... View my cousin Nathan's photos at www.flickr.com/photos/32643686@N00/

Sharon is my aunt (mom's brother's wife).

BACKSTORY: Clint's family friend, Tony, videotaped our wedding reception. He went around to everyone asking for advice for the bride & groom.

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  1. grahammnm1@sbcglobal.net

    Make it out just like any other wedding reception invitation but at the bottom just tell them please no gifts of any kind. We have gone to a few weddings like this and that is what they did. I am sure that people will understand, and if you do receive a few gifts accept them and don’t forget the thank you card.

  2. La Vie Boheme

    What happened at the courthouse WAS your wedding. A wedding is the exchanging of vows to legally become man and wife. It has nothing to do with partying. A party a year later is not a wedding reception. What you will be having is simply a 1st year anniversary party, which most people do not have. If you are going to have one, make sure you put in the invitations “no gifts please”.

  3. NinaPina

    Well you did have a courthouse wedding a year ago. A reception is supposed to immediately follow the ceremony so it is too late to have a reception. You should just have an anniversary party, and word the invitation as such. Make no reference to a wedding and people will automatically give you gifts meant for an anniversary and not a wedding.

  4. CindyLu

    Forget about the reception part. You had your wedding a year ago. It IS too late to do it now. If you mention the word reception it is asking for gifts and that would be both very tacky and socially wrong.

    Just go ahead and have a first anniversary party. People might want to bring gifts since they did not get the chance to celebrate the wedding wth you but it should be up to them and by leaving it at an anniversayr party at least if people bring you a gift it won’t be under false pretenses.

  5. Perse

    You are married. You had a wedding. The chance for a wedding or reception are done with. You are married. You can feel free to host a party as married couples sometimes do, but you can’t have a wedding or reception.

  6. countrygirl8778

    Hello there

    you already had a wedding at the court house. a wedding is a event to celebrate the joining of a couple in matrimony. now if you were to have a reception meaning a big dinner with friends and family to celebrate you guys in regular clothes no dancing then I can understand that but if you are having a wedding reception meaning you in a gown flowers dancing etc… then I feel like you are wanting a wedding do over. you already had your wedding so you have to live with the choices that you made
    take care

  7. Katherine B

    How about something like:

    One year ago we were to excited about getting married to wait and have a traditional wedding. Now we would like to invite you to share in the wedded bliss we have experienced over this past year. No gifts are expected. Your presence at our much belated reception will be the best gift of all.

  8. Liz

    You went to the courthouse and got married. You had a wedding. Please learn the meanings of words before using them. Whether you expect gifts or not, the farce you’re planning is neither sweet nor cute. I would think long and hard before I outed myself as completely tacky and clueless to my entire circle of friends and family like this.