What should I walk down the aisle to at my wedding?

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Question by Heatherita: What should I walk down the aisle to at my wedding?
In my wedding ceremony, everyone is walking down to a song from a movie... So far "and the winner is" from little miss sunshine, "dawn" from pride and prejudice, and "main title" from the notebook. I was just going to walk down to Canon in D, but I kind of want to continue this pattern. Any suggestions out there for a good song to walk down to from a movie? I just want instrumentals, no lyrics. Thanks!!

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Answer by Kimyy ♥♥
instrumental of celine dion my heart will go on <3 >.<

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Comments (9)

  1. method

    the Imperial March from Star Wars.

  2. Detective L

    What about the Raiders of the lost arc theme from Indiana Jones? Because if you think about it, marriage is like an adventure!

  3. biogardener

    You pick whichever is your favorite and also easy to walk to. You are the one who will do the walking, so you need to pick. Try out walking to the tune and see if it feels comfortable. I love Canon in D but I would find it hard to walk to because it is too slow for me. I would lose my balance. So try it out first.

  4. Derek

    I’m a fan of the traditional Wedding March. It’s so traditional in fact, that it’s what triggers the guests to rise and turn towards the back of the church to watch. It also seems to be a joyous emotional stimulus for some people because they associate it so much with weddings. That being said, you should pick whatever you and the groom are comfortable with. Remember this is a special day for BOTH of you. Discuss it and pick something together.

  5. Melon

    Yeahh titanic – celine dion would be good!

    or check out the song only hope by mandy moore – its from a walk to remember :)

  6. mhz95

    listen to it asap.
    its perfect <3

  7. Onya

    Songbird by Kenny G

  8. Kitty Star

    I love any of the instrumentals from phantom of the opera.

  9. Laura Hollohan

    You could walk down the aisle to “all I ask of you” or “think of me” by andrew llyod weber. Thats from The Phantom of the Opera. They made a movie of the phantom also so it would work! Or maybe “a dream is a wish your heart makes” from cinderella?