What should I wear to a 2:30 wedding and 5 pm reception?

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Question by movieluver91: What should I wear to a 2:30 wedding and 5 pm reception?
What is appropriate wedding/church attire, a sundress type thing?
What about the reception? It's at the Midwest Conference Center in the Skyline room. I did not receive a formal invitation so I am unsure as to what is appropriate. A homecoming dress seems too dressy and clubwear is clearly out of the question. What seems appropriate?

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Answer by Myth_Understood
If you haven't received a formal invitation, then are you going as the guest of an invitee?

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  1. smarty

    u can never go wrong with a little black dress!!!
    just make sure to exseseriz it nice so u dont look ur goito a funarl

    hope this helps

  2. jaded

    this is one of those excellent questions.
    no, not a sundress.

    how about a suit or a nice dress in any nice color with a sprinkling of detail, could be on the shoulders, the hem, whatever, or a st john type of suit, with a small bit of sequins in it, perhaps.

    why? cause the sundress is ok in the day, but by the time the service is over you are already into late afternoon, and, for sure if it says skyline room, that indicates a view, and a nice ballroom type of room. err on the side of dressier. like, a homecoming dress that is short, silky is ok, i dont know about a long dress. you might look like one of the bridesmaids.

    dress for 5pm in the evening in a formal room. for the evening. not for the day.

    i wouldnt know about wearing a long dress to this, short is fine.

  3. Gracie Marie

    I wouldn’t wear a sundress, only because the reception is later in the evening. A sundress will be inappropriate for a wedding that semi-formal (I always assume a wedding is semi-formal, unless stated otherwise) and lasting into the evening hours.

    Your best bet is to wear a cocktail dress, even though the reception is in the afternoon. I’ve been to wedding like this in the past and I’ve worn a cocktail dress and my boyfriend a suit. I noticed all the other guests present did the same, they dressed for the more formal part of the event, which was the reception that was to follow. It’s always best to overdress than under dress.

    I would suggest a getting a very flattering little black dress and adding some color with jewerly or a scarf.