What should I wear to the Marines military ball?

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Question by hanstar: What should I wear to the Marines military ball?
I just bought a wedding dress because my husband and I are going to have a wedding ceremony in December. The dress was over 500 dollars and we do not have that much money to buy another dress. Any suggestions on what to get and where to get a dress?

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Answer by Well Duh!
Check consignment shops and thrift stores. You'd be amazed at how great you can look with just an change of Accessories.

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  1. theshinynickel

    wear a swim suit….

  2. Erudite

    Go to Sears. Nice deals there.

  3. erica

    Go to Macy’s, I went to 2 Marine Balls, and trust me you don’t want your dress to seem like you are going to the prom. You want a sexy long black dress. I got my dress for $ 60… clearance rack. Just please do not where a puffy dress you will regret it, the few that wore dresses like that were mad the whole night, and stood out.. But it’s a wonderful event, you will have fun… what size are you? maybe you live close, I have 2 dresses that I wore, 1 is black and 1 is dark Blue, both are sexy and classy at the same time. I got compliments the whole night, on the blue dress.

  4. Big D

    Try Rental places. You might be able to rent one for around $ 100 dollars. At least that way it isn’t taking up space in your closet. Also you could try the Goodwill. A lot of people give there dresses away just to clean out the closet. :o)

  5. AUH2O Conservative

    N-Ex or the Exchange. Affess It all depnds on where your at. Look throught the catalogs at the sevice counter. the ladies there can help pick the right dress.

  6. Alex E

    Something elegant and classy, Sexy should be saved for other occasions. This is a formal Military tradition. The utmost in respect is demanded as for the type of activity. Sexy is just lame. Do not go with anything lacy or frilly. Something smooth and long with a moderate amount of cleavage (not too revealing) And preferably comfortable. Sleeveless would be best because the dancing will get the room temperature a little warm. Do not get something expensive unless you really feel that you need to. Mid range of price will do fine as the uniform He is wearing will go with anything you can find.

    Please enjoy the Ball as they are not all that common and the experience should be of warm feelings and gentle fun. Do not overstress dressing for the evening it will only make it more difficult for you and Him.

  7. NWIP

    Find out if there is a ASYMCA on base and if they offer loaner dresses, all you do is pay for the dry cleaning.

    Look on ebay for formal dresses. Sometimes stores get rid of them that way. I got a beautiful gown for $ 30 including shipping.

    Go to the local bridal stores and check the clearance rack sometimes you can get cheap dresses that way as well.

    Go to Nordstroms, Sears, JC Pennys, Macys, etc… and look there, soon homecoming dresses will be on discount sale.