what should i write an informative speech on?

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Question by fluffmuffin: what should i write an informative speech on?
I'm in a speech class, but I have no idea what to inform my audience on.
What would you think is an important thing to know, that not many people know about?

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Answer by Hola Nada
1st 11 Good Informative Speech Topics

how to obtain a criminology degree online
hybrid: cars, vegetables, animals
the reality show phenomenon
the origin of alphabets
the history of tobacco use
human cadavers - history of, uses of (Great informative book on this subject - Stiff)
DNA evidence
women in the military
botox (now being found to be useful in pain control)
herbs as medicine
the history of greyhound dogs

2nd 10 Good Informative Speech Topics

history of comic books (general or choose a specific one, ie. Superman, X-Men, etc)
first woman astronaut
history of transplants
medicinal marijuana
Dolly the sheep (very first clone of a mammal)
alternative fuels
history of smoking in movies
genetically modified crops
history of Barbie

informative speech topics first woman astronaut

3rd 10 Good Informative Speech Topics

the day the music died
history of makeup
increase in childhood obesity
lasik surgery
parental child abduction
internet crimes
rem sleep (dreaming)
chemical warfare

4th 10 Good Informative Speech Topics

how 3D glasses work
how autofocus cameras work
federal witness security program
amber alert
low carb diets
caffeine (or any favorite drink and what it does to your body)

informative speech topics 3d glasses

5th 11 Good Informative Speech Topics

how the cold war ended
helicopters in combat
animal communication
how evidence is handled at a crime scene
how the ramanov family influenced Russian society
global warming
stress and its effects
civil disobedience
how metal detectors work
how traditional marriages have changed since the 60's

6th 10 Good Informative Speech Topics

how a hurricane/tornado/earthquake develops
helicopters in combat
marriage rituals around the world
history of crop circles
how humor heals
how to grow organic potted plants
how to sow seeds indoors
how to furnish an apartment inexpensively
how to avoid losing money on investments
how to get started investing in the stock market

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John Adams
best man speech 2nd marriage
Image by jajacks62
Company I, 72nd Indiana Infantry
The Altoona Tribune, Thursday, May 24, 1917, Pg. 1

Death of John Adams.

Another Wilson county pioneer gone.

John Adams died in Kansas City, Missouri, Monday, May 21, 1917, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ella Pate, after an illness of seven months. Besides his daughter he is survived by his son, Isaac Adams, of Altoona, ten grandchildren, Mrs. Pearl Cronkhite, Mrs. Lester Maddox, Walter and Roger Surig, Claude, Ralph, Roy, Ruth and Lois Pate and Mrs. Stanley Hill, five great-grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. Eliza Lefever, of Denver Colorado, Mrs. Emily Clifton, of Watseka, Illinois, and one brother, Milton Adams, of Attica, Indiana. He was born in Warren county, Indiana, October 30, 1836, and was married to Miss Rachel Waldrip, who died January 10th 1912. Deceased was a member of the Altoona Post of the G. A. R. having served in the 72nd Infantry of Indiana Volunteers.

John Adams and family located in Wilson county four miles north of Altoona in 1872, and removed to Altoona about seventeen year ago. When Mrs. Adams died about four years ago he went to Kansas City and has made his home there with his daughter most of the time since.

John Adams was one of the best like men and ever lived in Altoona. He was kind, cheerful and generous. He lived a long and useful life and his death is mourned by his many friends in the community. The body was brought to Altoona Wednesday morning for burial by the side of his wife in the Altoona cemetery. Funeral services were held at the home of his son, Ike Adams, at 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. David McCleave.

History of Neosho and Wilson Counties Kansas, Published by L. Wallace Duncan, Monitor Printing Co., 1902. Page 682

JOHN ADAMS--One of the honored pioneers of Wilson county is John Adams of Altoona. For more than thirty years he tilled the soil in Kansas, and from 1871 to 1901 was occupied and engaged with the task of making a home and thereby doing his share in the improvement and development of his county. He was born in Fountain county, Indiana, October 30, 1836, and was reared amid the surroundings of rural life. He was a son of Rager and Elizabeth (Berkshire) Adams, the former of Delaware birth and the latter a native of Ohio. The father located in the Hoosier state at the age of seventeen and remained in the state ever afterward. He did at the age of seventeen and remained in the state ever afterward. He did at the age of eighty-six years, while his wife lived to be eighty-two years of age. The marriage of Rager and Elizabeth Adams was productive of seven children, five of whom are living, viz., Alexander, of Colorado; John, our subject; Emily, wife of William Clifton, of Woodland, Illinois; Louisa, wife of J. F. La Fever, of Denver, Colorado, and Milton, of Warren county, Indiana.
John Adams of this sketch obtained his education in the rural schools of Indiana and it was, therefore, limited in contrast with the advantages of today. He grew up on a farm and accepted that calling as his life work in his youth. He was married November 2, 1857, to Miss Rachel Waldrip, a representative of one of the old and highly esteemed families of the state, and a daughter of Wesley Waldrip. He had become fairly settled in life when the ominous war cloud broke upon the country and troops were called out in defense of the flag. July 2, 1862, he enlisted in Company I, 72nd Indiana infantry but was taken down with disease after a year's service and sent to the rear. He lost the power of speech entirely and was sent home. Upon his recovery he was ordered to Washington, D. C., and served there on guard and picket duty for some time in 1863 to the end of his enlistment. After his discharge in July 1865, he returned home and resumed farming, remaining in his native state till the fall of 1871 when, as previously stated herein, he came west and established his home in Wilson county. The people of Kansas as a state have had an affliction which he has not experienced, except the "border ruffians" of war times and he guided his little craft safely through them all, landing in Altoona February 7, 1901, to retire and rest from a life of honorable and intelligent labor.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams' family consists of three children as follows. Isaac of Altoona, a painter; Elizabeth, wife of Henry Surig, with four children, Charles, Pearl, Mary and Rager; Elizabeth died at the age of twenty-seven; Sarah E. who married J. F. Pate, of Kansas City and has five children, viz., Claude, Ralph, Edna, Roy and another.
Referring again to William Clifton, brother-in-law of our subject, it is interesting and of importance to the family to note that he is a brother of Miss Mary Clifton, of Indiana, for many years one of the most successful primary teachers of the state. Persons in touch with the educational work of that state during her day will remember her power and popularity in the school room.
In politiics Mr. Adams supports the Republican party and its principles. He has occupied a few of the minor places within the granting of the people and has done his duty in them all. As a citizen his standing can not be questioned for he possesses undoubted honesty and the strictest integrity.

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