What songs do they play at David’s bridal?

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Question by MissSarah: What songs do they play at David's bridal?
There's a song I really want to know but I can't figure out enough of the lyrics to find what it is!

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Answer by Carmen
How should I know. I'd never step foot into that craphole again. Worst service and ugliest dresses I've ever seen. Try mom and pops boutiques, you will get much better quality gowns.

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Lucifix - STBD (Studio version) This video is going out to ex whores and spoiled brides. Here's some of the lyrics... "You pulled an island, and wasted all this time. You speak so of your bridal gown. Does the bridal gown not please you?" Lucifix kicks ass again! Music & lyrics copywrite by JQ & Chucky B.(Brigs) Please note: This is the original & only "Lucifix". They have been around for about 17 years. Don't be fooled by some untalented death metal band, or some weirdo sitting in his room making videos. Lucifix was formed and trademark by JQ
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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