What songs from the LDS: Mormon hymnbook are good for a wedding entrance?

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Question by Mia: What songs from the LDS: Mormon hymnbook are good for a wedding entrance?
It has to be soft. My sister is having her wedding ceremony in the church building so we need to choose a hymn to be played. Does anyone know names of good, soft songs that can be played on the piano?

Thank you!

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Answer by LindaLou
Why a hymn for goodness sake? That isn't wedding music NOR is that what is expected just because it's in the church house...... IT IS perfectly acceptable to play other nice wedding music at this wedding I'm SURE.... I'm LDS too.

Not sure where you live but if there is an LDS Book store near you they will have something more appropriate or you can order something online from deseretbook.com

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  1. one way

    This is the End, by the Doors

  2. WellTraveledProg

    How about “If You could Hie to Kolob…”

    No temple marriage, huh? Poor kid, she’s going to be looked down on by the rest of the cult.


  3. Yahoo Customer Support: Pinkie Pie

    I think this will do an excellent job.
    I already have a video of a choir performing it for you.

  4. Michael M

    You only need to play a hymn in the chapel. If you are using the cultural hall you’re fine to play whatever song you want to. The Youth and Young Single Adults have dances with pop music all the time in church buildings. Have fun.

  5. colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead

    A soft hymn? “Abide With Me” is a pretty soft hymn. Hymns are beautiful songs and would be nice for background or “waiting while everyone is seated” music.

    My favorite is the primary song “Love is Spoken Here.” That might sound nice, too.

  6. WitnessofJesus

    have you thought about adam ondi ahman?
    without the words.

    the morning breaks possibly, or did i forget the title
    i like after glow songs.
    a good piano beginning is in the song a more perfect light