What to buy someone for the 25 Wedding anniversary?

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Question by Tray C: What to buy someone for the 25 Wedding anniversary?
My cousin is throwing her parents a surprise wedding anniversary party at a restaurant. I have never been to such an event, what should I buy them? They say something silver but my mom says silver plates are horrible to clean... Any ideas?

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Answer by kateg
Silver is traditional, but these days, rarely does anyone do anything traditional, and to be honest, that stuff sits on a shelf somewhere and just gives them something to dust. Sorry, I'm being curmudgeonly but practical. Get them a nice gift certificate for a dinner out, or a night at a nice hotel, or tickets to a show or concert, or spa treatments. Give them a gift for something they can do together and share the memory.

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  1. Because I Said So

    It doesn’t have to be real silver, silver colored is fine. You can probably find a silver photo frame just about anywhere, or just get them a $ 50 restaurant gift card.

  2. joinme4coffee

    It doesn’t have to be real silver, the kind that has to be polished. You could get them a nice silver colored serving bowl, a silver bell, a silver photo frame, a nice candle holder, etc. Hallmark stores and Things Remembered have things just for 25th anniversaries.