What to get my husband for our 3 year anniversary?

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Question by Mommy, M.A.: What to get my husband for our 3 year anniversary?
My husband and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary this Tuesday. He's a podiatrist (foot doctor) and he is 28 years old. He collects cigars (he has so many though), and he enjoys video games once in a while, although I don't know how setimental a gift that is.

We're going out of town this Friday so I only have Wednesday and Thursday to get something-we were not going to do gifts but I want to get him something anyways. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Answer by Ty Rivas
An iPhone 4

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3 Year Wedding Anniversary gifts!!!

i am not trying to brag in any way it was requested that i show this video so i decied to show it i forgot to show this but he also got a dvd the one he got me was pure countury. www.Bodyc.com

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  1. DIY Mom

    Technology gadgets are almost fun. Kindles or Nooks.
    Or, buy some awesome lingerie and make one of his fantasies come true on your trip this weekend.

  2. Darlene Levenson

    For sure give him an anniversary card! Try to find one that expresses how you feel about him, or that shows things he does that you appreciate. If you can’t find one, just use a piece of paper and write these things down. As for a gift, I’d suggest making him a meal that he’s particularly fond of…you can have the candles and/or wine too, but it isn’t necessary, if it’s some kind of food he really loves. Or if he likes chocolates, get him a box of his favorite kind of candy. Put a box of chocolate on the dinner table on your dishes, with silverware on the side even…humor’s good. And even add candles or wine.

    The main thing is to think of what makes him happy, other than his cigars or games. Also, if you have a picture of when you were going together, put it on the table with your dinner. Or your wedding bouquet. Think of what makes him happy and you hopefully will come up with something. As I said, it doesn’t have to be mooshy or sentimental. Just something that shows how happy you are of your memories with him, or something that usually brings a smile to his face. It can even be silly! Good luck, and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Craig M

    Check out this article it’s about Fathers Day but it may help. My best gift is BEER!

  4. Jacob

    If he already collects and smokes cigars, then get him a nice briar tobacco pipe and some samples of different pipe tobacco. That would be a great gift!!